Thursday, November 08, 2007

I haven't fogotten, so here it is.

First off, I am way behind on today's post. Still sorting the pictures so, thank goodness I whipped up this filler post this morning in case this happened. Whew!
Remember this hair post, and this one, and this one? And then I promised to find the pictures where I had purple hair and pink hair. Well they are kind of a bust. This is all the purple that I had, and it is a terrible laughing, frog throat photo too. My throat really doesn't look like that normally. Ugh! Summer of 2004-before kids.

The pink hair was far more adventurous, it was the whole bottom half of my head, but it only lasted a few weeks and I was done with it. Now the unfortunate part is that I have no photos of it. That was the summer that we bought our first house in St. Albert and we had our down town Edmonton apartment all packed up when we were broken into. Anything that was of value---DVD player, movies, video camera, Dave's new gaming computer, camera, mp3 players and other misc stuff, all gone. And the sad part was that we had nearly a whole years worth of pictures on the computer - not backed up anywhere. We sure learned a lesson and now back up our photos regularly. So I cannot prove the drama of the pink hair, it is forever MIA.

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Kami said...

You were adventurous!