Saturday, November 10, 2007

Growing up

First off I want to say I am liking this posting after midnight, takes the stress off the NaBloPoMo crunch. Still hanging in on it though. Thanks to double posting the other night, yay! So this is really about Friday.

Now without any further interruptions...

I was reading my bathroom devotional again today, it has been a while and I miss it so I am trying to get it back into my routine. Today was about finding laughter in your day and sharing it. I just read it tonight and it made me think as I lay in the bath. I love thinking in the bath, my sanctuary.
I get so lost in the day and trying to keep the kids busy, happy , fed and clean that I sometimes forget to look for and stock in my memory bank the precious little moments they are always producing. Those bits of joy and laughter get lost in 'doing mom stuff', I must remember to stop and enjoy these moments. They are what make being a mom so wonderful and rewarding and so worth every moment. I love these little squirts more than life itself!

Getting into mischief first thing in the morning. The new craft corner has become the busiest corner in the house. We spend a large portion of the day cutting ribbon, gluing stickers....cause it is more fun that way, playing play dough, painting and coloring. Is it to early to start Christmas crafts? I have so many ideas, but I don't want to get too far ahead of the season.

One of the newest additions to the family, a dollar store treasure. The amount of play time this little toy---and it's blue sibling have got since coming into our house they might as well have been pets.
Kaitlyn on the phone, this was so cute. She rarely talks on the phone and when she does it is usually just "Hi" and "bye", but this morning she asked to call Emily. I dialed and she listened for someone to answer. My mom did and Kaitlyn said "hi", and a few other little words then got to the chase "Emily please."
Phil came on then and she said she was playing and having fun, then "Emily please."
Emily finally came on and asked Kaitlyn a bunch of questions that only required yes or no answers and then Kaitlyn was done, said "bye" and hung up. She was so proud her first real phone call, all by herself.

Tonight was the birthday party for my next in line sister Katie and also for Gram, who's birthday is on! Marita made her an awesome chocolate cake, Gram made an apple pie and mom made a lemon mereign pie (sp), all home made, mmmmm you can't beat that- ever! I had meant to get out and purchase gifts this afternoon, but it just didn't work out so last minute the kids pulled through and whipped up some art. Thanks my little sweetpea and sprout!

Ethan decided to show off his newly attained standing skills and the more we all clapped and cheered the more he stood and for longer. He even took a mini first step, caught on video. I will have to review it to be sure, there was so much commotion, but hey, this is progress. He just might be walking by 16 months! I cannot believe how fast our little weeds are growing. It seems just yesterday that Kaitlyn was curled up in a little ball on my chest, now I have two, and they are getting so big so fast!

Getting sleepy, time to go home, nite, nite, Grammy.


Kami said...

What a fabulous day! The kids look like they are having the time of their lives with the relatives. I bet you enjoy having so much family close by.

Their art, well, it's art! I think they have inherited their mommy's talent :-)

R Family of 4 said...

Sigh. They do grow up quickly.

I hear you on the dollar store treasures. If only I had realized this fact sooner I could have saved my self allot of $.

Karen MEG said...

I keep meaning to say're such a wonderful mother. These photos that you take, your kids are doing so much with you, with each other, and with other family. A childhood to treasure, for sure.
Congrats to Ethan on his standing. I'm sure he's running by now. Boys don't walk, they run.