Friday, November 02, 2007

A little prayer goes a long ways

Crap, I know it is now the second, considering it is after midnight, but I started this post on the first, however with two kids not sleeping well it has taken all night to publish, so late it is, but it is here.

Chocolate, chocolate, mmmmm. As soon as breakfast was over they broke out their loot. Thank goodness the sugar novelty wore off quick and they had more fun dragging their buckets around.

We had a rough night, I am guessing due to the fact that the kids ate candy before bed. They work up every hour and then were up for the day at 6!Thank goodness thy went for naps at 8:30, I needed a nap too! Then we went out to the front steps to let Ethan practice going up and down, over and over. When the front door opens the little man beetles for it. He love the outdoors and especially the stairs.
This is our front entrance and that is a little window through to the kitchen. Now here is the story behind this.
This morning I had to go out for groceries and got the kids bundled up. Then I went to grab my keys. Couldn't find them. I searched every room in the house and the truck and the yard and even had Kaitlyn helping me, thought she kept getting distracted by other much cooler things that she came across. After 30 mins of looking I was getting upset and making phone calls to see if anyone else knew where they could be.
The kids were hot in their coats and I had a full day ahead, I was getting cranky! Then I thought, well I could pray. So I took Kaitlyn and knelt next to her and we prayed. I stood and instantly knew where they were, had a visual too. How cool is that, maybe creepy for some of you. But it reaffirmed the power of God in even the littlest of things for me and reminded me to keep in touch with Him more often.
It was the kind of experience that sends a shiver up the spine cause you really didn't think the little prayer would be answered. God is awesome! Anyway the keys were on the other side of that window on the floor in the kitchen behind the table along the wall next to a lamp. When I tossed them on the ledge last night they had slid right through and fallen into the kitchen.
Wowzer huh?!

Ethan caught in the act, he emptied the whole roll.
This evening I had a card party with a few friends and a bunch of family including The Chatty Housewife who is in town to visit her sis who just had a baby. Fun! Thank you Laura for the great walk through and beautiful cards!

P.S. How do you like the November colours and banner? I miss the orange fall theme, but I like change too. Let me know what you think.


Family Adventure said...

Love the banner...and the pictures. Especially the one of Ethan and the toilet roll. :)


JeniBeans said...

I love it all! Glad you had a nice time...Hi Chatty! I see you in there! lol

Karen MEG said...

Like the banner too! A card party - neat! Good thing the toilet paper was on the floor and not in the toilet!

Amy.E said...

Oh, now that's a group of ladies that I would love to spend an evening with!

BeachMama said...

I love the banner! Orange was great, but blue works too.

And how fun for to have a card party and another visit from a Blogger with a Sis in your city, how fun is that?