Friday, November 23, 2007

Almost lost it...

my post that is, whew, so glad I found it! I hit a lot of miscellaneous keys and some times send stuff to kingdom come, glad this one came back, because I am way to tired to try to rehash it!

Alas, another crazy day in the chaos house.
For one I have a daughter who changes her clothes a billion times a day and leaves whatever she is changing out of all over the house and secondly....things do not go smooth when I paint.

The living room floor is in diar(sp?) need of a good vacuuming--there is a point where the swiffer carpet flic just no longer cuts it, and well, lets just say everything is piling up! Dishes, laundry, dust, mail, flyers and a hord of miscellaneous other junk on the dining room table. I will have to take a break, stay home and get it all done, maybe on the weekend.

My kids have been a little stir crazy lately. I don't know why since we are always doing something, but by noon we where ready to get out of the house. Ran some errands and stopped by my parents place due to the non stop begging by Kaitlyn to see, 'Emly' and 'Phiiifffff'. A welcome mini break for me, and I don't turn those down....well not lately anyway!

Today was a swimming princess day. One again the bathing suit was brought out and the chatter about swimming continued. We haven't been for a while so I figured maybe she was in withdrawal, hmmm I start hatching a brilliant idea.

Oh, and have I mentioned, well I know I haven't, it just sounded good to start. OK, never mind that mindless chittering....I have been formally invited to a Victorian era tea party by my little sister Emily. What fun! So after having coffee with my mom off we all went to Value Village to find party dresses. Well the closest thing I could find that fit was a mellow yellow 1970's bridesmaid dress. Close enough?
It will have to be. I bought it. I had planned on doing my alterations on it tonight after I pounded out 4 paintings, but you know how things go.

I sent Dave and the kids guessed it....swimming for the evening to give me the time to paint. Little did I figure that the dang thing was going to take me four stinking hours. Too much detail.
Oh, don't get me wrong, I am very pleased with how it turned out but I will never get my money's worth on this one. It just seemed to go on and on and on and next thing you know they were home and then it was bed time for the kids and then it was midnight......finally done!

It didn't help that I kept having great ideas for new paintings pop in my head, and a whole line of kid inspired ones too. Now I just wish I had a monkey to prep all my canvas so I could paint all day, oh, and I guess I would need another monkey to play with my kids.

Now that I look at this one it kinda reminds me of a Victorian tea party, hmmm, weird. I shall call it 'Ruby bloom'. For a better view of it go here (click).


Family Adventure said...

I was thinking that, too. It looked Victorian-ish! It is beautiful.

Good luck making the dress - that sounds like a fun tea party!


Kami said...

The tea party sounds like a great idea!

The painting is amazing and it does look Vicotorian... you may have to give Emily a cut of the profits for inspiring you :-)

Karen MEG said...

Wow, that is stunning - I love the colours!