Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Today was a big day for our little Sweetpea. She decided it was going to be a diaperless day and thus---potty training resumes.
Well maybe I should say bathroom training since she refuses to go on the potty but will only stand next to it to do her business. There where a few accidents to start the day, but she caught on quick and announced that she had to go then marched off to do her thing.
We cheered and applauded that she went in the bathroom....step one right?
So now it will be just to get her to sit on one of the three potties.

Now to interrupt with a brief rant/vent...
OK, what gives?! Am I the only one with this issue? It just took 14 minutes to upload these 2 pictures, I should have had at least 20 uploaded in that time. Hmmmm....not happy!
I am a photo blogger, I must have them, without my pics I am lost, I have nothing to say, just have links, boring links that not everybody can open. So I am going to do another link and do my post with the pictures, bawwl! I hate this!
Ahh, feel a little better,
Lets get on with it ...back to the post.
Above is a very proud little Sprout. Standing, waiting for applause, getting it started himself, whoo, hoo!
He also took his first real step tonight, yay!! We thought he took one the other night, but it may have been by default, this one was real!
Now I am picking my brain to get the rest out....oh, ya...
It was miserable out today, the wind unbearable. It buffeted the house and whipped around with so much noise I was afraid we were going to get blown away. It was so loud a few times it scared the whits out of Kaitlyn and she would come running screaming to me looking behind her to see what was coming. In those cases I am pretty sure it was branches scraping up against the house, like erie finger nail screeches on a chalk board!
So today dragged, and dragged. It turned out to be a coloring day and the kids got bored with paper and colored everything, the walls, window sills, tile, grout, the table, a chair, arms, legs, chins, eyes, hands and mouths. Thank goodness for washable markers!!!! I would scold then go to rinse the cloth and come back to more chaos, is was unreal!
What a day!
What a releif when daddy came home to give helicopter rides and play wrestle on the floor, they sooooo love daddy!
Now since there are photos to go along with this lame-o story---click here to check them out.
There are two pages of pics and I did a header at the top of each one, I hope it helps.
Later Gator!


The Chatty Housewife- said...

Sorry about your problems with photos. Are you sure it is blogger? Could it be your computer? Try using a different computer, even at a library or something. Just to see. Blogger has been awesome for me lately.

Kami said...

Blogger seems to be testy lately, I don't know what it's issue is.

The wind was crazy yesterday... I thought there was a tornado coming! Today isn't too much better but at least I don't feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz


comfortablycrazy said...

Will blogger allow you to paste the Flickr code in anywhere. The other option is to change to wordpress. Wordpress was much more picture friendly for me than blogger ever was.

Mary said...

Hey, when were you in Hemet? I don't ever remember seeing you. I saw the picture of you posing by the hot tube and I'm like "Hey, that's at the Fourniers!". The picture at the beach makes me cry, too. So sad.

R Family of 4 said...

I have had my fair share of problems with blogger too.

I wish you luck on the potty training ;-)

Karen MEG said...

BLogger is problematic for me too lately. It's all us crazy NaBloPoMowers.
Yay on the potty training! Little G is regressing big time! She was so good about two weeks ago - she had a dry pullup for almost a whole week. Now she's lazy again, telling me that she's gone after the fact, at the worst times (eg. about a minute after I try to get her to sit on the toilet) GRRRRRR!!! I'm losing patience, she'll be three just before Christmas. Liam was done at 18 months!
Hope you have better luck.