Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fire and Ice

Another frosty day, the kind that requires the vehicle being plugged in overnight or she runs like a slug or doesn't even start at all.
Enough complaining though, Dave says I whine too much and that got me to thinking.
With the new month approaching I am going to give myself a challenge.
Inspired by Nicole over at Deliajude(click) I am really going to work on finding joy in everything I do. Well most things anyway, I do not find wiping snot a joyous occasion, but I guess I should just be thankful that I have cute little button noses to wipe. I love those little noses!
I am also so excited to make up a new banner and change things around on here, make the blog a little more festive anyway.

Ethan was so mad he couldn't fit in the Barbie car. He tried so hard, yelled and smacked, but could not get more than his little arm in. It was too funny to watch.

On another note.....I got the poop out of the carpet, oh yea! Pink solution(click) is magical!! I am such a believer now, thank you Leslie! It cleans everything and is earth friendly! I am now a one solution kinda girl!

Nap time with the babies.

This afternoon after real naps, had by capitalize on cozy cuddles, we went over to my parents for...fresh bread, coffee and tea, mmmmm, yes I really love this part of winter.

Emily and Phil came back home with the kids and I for dinner, hot chocolate, marshmallows and of course to cuddle by the fire place....I love fires crackling and popping on a cold winters night.
I have so much to be thankful for, I really have so much joy in my life. Dave is right, I just need to change my perspective a little. I am going to find a way to like winter!


Badness Jones said...

Hot chocolate and a fire is a good place to start! I love winter when there's nowhere to go, but it does make my usual pace much harder...

prettyinpink said...

You can do it Anna! See you tonight. Looking forward to a little pampering! Easy to find joy in that!

Family Adventure said...

Being more cognizant of one's blessings is an excellent thing - I could do with a bit of that, too. Thanks for the reminder!

I have a question! Your siblings, are they homeschooled? I'm just curious, because they seem to be around a lot. It must be wonderful for your kids :)

Have a good day! Heidi

cc said...

As much as I love the snow, I would always look forward to spring and the fresh greenness of it all.

Kami said...

Hey Nablapomo is OVER!

I bet you might be a bit thankful for that, although I for one, will miss your daily posts


I haven't quite adopted your philosophy to find the good in things.

I HATE winter. I am now going to look for jobs in SoCal.


Angella said...

The pink solution stuff is AMAZING. I don't have it but my friend got NAIL POLISH out of her carpet :)

Congrats to thirty days officially OVER!