Friday, November 09, 2007

Snow, slides and a shower.

This morning (Thursday-this is just posted after midnight so it is yesterdays story, no fear, I did squeak in a Thursday post too, below this one) we were greeted with a fine layer of snow on the ground so we got bundled and went out to investigate. Ethan couldn't stand the fact that he had boots on and continued to try and kick them off. I don't think he will adjust to this winter thing well.

At first they both were curious and had to feel it and scrunch it in their little fingers to check it out.

But then Ethan had enough of his boots and finally fought his way out of them only to discover that the snow was rather cold on his feet. He then sat there balancing on his butt waiting to be rescued. And of course since Ethan did it Kaitlyn had to kick hers off to and check out this snow with bare feet thing. What is up with my kids, I bet they will be begging to do the penguin dip next!

How can they be mine?!

It didn't last long though and they were ready to go back in and stand at the window looking out. Being cooped up wasn't their idea of fun though and found trouble quickly, in the form of a used up roll of sticky tape. They unwound the entire roll and had it stuck all over the living room and dining room floor, and Ethan's butt. Thank goodness it was a dead roll with only remnant pieces of tape left on it!

It was my sisters (Katie) birthday today so we met her for lunch at BK. After eating we took the kids to play in the play structure and they were having a blast doing the slide and climbing around...till a whole group of sniffly, sneezy sick kids arrived. What is with that? Why do parents take their sick kids out? Please keep them at home till they are better and won't spread their sickies anymore! Ugh! We split-fast!

The kids and I weren't done so we headed across the street to Tots cafe to wear off the rest of the steam they had stored. For some reason they had a lot today.

They have a few different slides there and one is maybe 7 feet high with a bean bag at the bottom. What fun! Well for the kids any way, my back still has yet to forgive me for that one.

Tonight was Holly and Avah's baby shower. Kaitlyn was so excited and helped me wrap and unwrap and rewrap the gift over and over. She couldn't really understand why we left daddy and Ethan at home but was sure excited when we arrived at the shower and saw Emily's shoes at the door.

The little girls hung out under the snack table, probably talking about all they knees they could see from their vantage point.

I remember being three and my parents had a bunch of friends over. I was supposed to be in bed but kept sneaking out to listen to and peek at the adults. I think I may have even messed my pants in one way or another for the attention, but the one thing I remember so clearly is walking out into the living room and seeing a sea of knees. Nylon covered knees with polyester skirts and tacky 80's slacks knees. I don't remember anything else. I was that fearful of older people, I don't think I ever looked up.

Tonight Chatty--- who helped put on the shower and did a fabulous job! Also gave me these old drawings that I did as a kid, I think grade 4 or 5 maybe. I used to love pretending to be a fashion designer and have a whole book full of wacky designs like the one on the left. I would dream of the runway and all my clothes strutting their way down.

I think I just drew that one and Chatty colored it in. We had a lot of fun together as kids.


Family Adventure said...

You had a busy day! Wow!
The pictures of the kids bare feet in the snow are priceless! Too funny!

Oh, and this time of year there's *always* sick kids at BKs and McD's. These kids are too sick to go to school, but by lunch time they are driving their parents crazy. Believe me, I know. I'm not saying it's right, but I've been there...:)


Anonymous said...

what a great drawing!! my husband just found one of his from age 6 and we all got a kick out of it. i'm all for barefoot snow-stomping, bring it on! sounds like a full day :)

Kami said...

Wow, I still can't draw that well and you were doing it in gr 5! I guess that's why I am an accountant :-)

What a busy day, you made me tired ;-)

BeachMama said...

Sorry about the snow. You can keep that out West by the way ;). My feet got cold just watching the kids standing in it. We are hoping for another green Christmas as it was so much fun last year.

Karen MEG said...

Anna, your children are so beautiful and I love that you're capturing all of these precious moments with them... tiny feet in the snow, how cute is that?
And your childhood memory of seeing all knees - and not looking up. Sounds like me as a kid, very timid.
Thanks for sharing a wonderful day with us!