Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Oh bother, another blustery day

This post starts with yesterday morning. I am playing catch up now.
As I left the house to dust off the truck I looked down and realized I must be in some sort of denial. Bare feet in summer shoes. I went back and put socks and boots on. Wishful thinking I guess.
So winter is totally here and it is mighty cold out. Have I mentioned I am not a big cold winter fan. Well here are a few reasons.

I hate cleaning off the vehicle, having to start it and let it warm up, I hate the fact that our truck does not have heated seats....and they are leather so it is brutal!
Who would sell a truck in Canada with leather interior and not make the seats heated?! Of course you don't think of it when you buy in the summer, but let me tell you I sure think of it every day now!
I also hate driving amongst a bunch of idiots who think their vehicles are capable of a lot more than they really are. On the way to gymnastics we had three close calls. We nearly t-boned a school bus that turned in front of us last minute and couldn't find traction. Even in the summer it wound have been close. As it was I had to skid into the next lane. Not even a block further on we nearly t- boned a car and a few minutes later had to stop for a semi who turned and had trouble. Hello folks, it is winter, icy, and you have to think before you turn! Wait if it looks risky!

Thank you Phil for taking time out of your homeschooling to come help me. It was great!

Blustery, on the way home from gymnastics at 11:00 am, it looked like dusk. I also hate it when the sun does not shine. I miss the sun!

I must say that one of the things I really enjoy about winter is going over to my moms for tea and fresh bread with butter melting on it. Yum! Notice the new home of the apple painting. Happy birthday mom!

Oh the messes. I must find a way to store the kids craft stuff close by but out of reach. I am getting so tired of cleaning up everything they pull down, two hundred times a day.

Christmas card crafts on the go. Prepped anyway. I was not going to post a photo of the finished product but then I thought about how Kaitlyn puts things together. I was actually inspired by the kids show Diego, the one where they do the penguin rescue, guess watching those shows have been good for us. So I figured I could come up with a simple craft that Kaitlyn could glue and would be quick. Now that I look at all the little parts I wonder what I was on when I thought that! So the reason I posted a photo of my test card is....when you get your card it may look nothing like this, but this is how it should look.

Paintings completed and off to the store they went today. Check them out here(click) for a better shot. Kaitlyn got in on the action, a little. She was really upset I wouldn't let her go nuts on it so we had to get her stuff out.

Ethan got in on it too which freaked me out a little since it was acrylic paint and doesn't wash out. Sure enough I ended up scrubbing wet paint out of little clothes desperate to save them before the paint set. Next time we will stick to the Crayola paints!

Oh, and did I mention how much I hate scraping the ice off the windshied and having it fog up. I will stop now...........

..............because, it can also be really pretty and quite marvelous!
Makes me thankful that I have a nice cosy little house with a fireplace to snuggle up in front of and an awesome little family to share it with on these cold nights.


Angella said...


The complaining will commence shortly.

I love the penguin card! I am starting Christmas cards this week, once my stamping supplies arrive :)

Family Adventure said...

That painting is *awesome* I'm going to have to look you up (your store anyway) when I come back to Canada and get some of your work. Seriously! That particular piece would look fab in my family room.

Love the penguin card, too.

I know winter has its downs, but it has upsides as well. Hang in there! :)


prettyinpink said...

WINTER is HERE and J and I LOVE it!!!! If you ever have the winter bues, just stop by and we can give you our list of winter pros!

Anonymous said...

Winter!!People drive like idiots. Still on their phones!! Even saw somebody taking fotos!!

Kami said...

OMG! I had to laugh a bit at the anonymous comment... sorry! I am sure you were stopped when you snapped the photos in the truck. But it was a bit funny :-)

I love the new paintings and the penguin card.

Oh, and I AM so with you on the winter thing. It's dang cold and grr to the ice and scraping and freezing seats. We need a garage and to move to California.