Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Can you find the difference?

Here is a before and after shot. Can you spot the change? I just loooooove photo shop! Two minutes and wham-bam, ta-da, she's outta there!

Tonka truck birthday

Ethan's birthday....I don't think he could have cared less. When he saw his cake all he wanted to do was stick his hands in it so I quickly cut him a piece...and his hands were right in...and then of course he wasn't happy because they were a mess...silly little man!

Anyway I learned a big lesson with Kaitlyn's birthday cake---keep it simple! Hers took almost 3 hours just to decorate, and Ethan's was two hours-including bake and cool time!!! And it tasted just as good!
I also learned another thing...I love to decorate cakes, anyone having a birthday--bring it on, I'll make the cake! Now I would love to take a class or two and learn some funky decorating tricks and learn to work with fondant, oh the possibilities could be endless...and who knows I could end up on a $10,000.00 cake decorating challenge on TV! Ok, so that is a bit of a stretch, but I had fun and hope to make more and take it a step further, someday.

Opening gifts...hmmm, what can I say. We had to get Camden and Kaitlyn to help since all Ethan wanted to do was play with the ribbon on his gift bag. After all was said and done he sat there and checked out his new duds, doesn't he look impressed?! I was, I think the clothes are super cute and exactly what he needs for the winter, but by the look on his face I am afraid what might be going through his head...."come on mom, I wanted skater baby and a blingy chain, this isn't cool, what are my friends going to say and how am I ever going to get the chicks with these?"
So glad that he can't talk yet! Other than that he had an ok day, he seems to be cutting a few molars and had a Popeye pout going on for most of the day and was extra cuddly, can't complain though, I'll soak in all the cuddles I can get before he is too big and too cool for that!

We had the family over for supper last minute and G & G Clark and Kim and Camden and Aunt Nancy came too. We ate leftovers from the weekend that mom and dad had so it wasn't anything special, but it was about all being together.

Still can't believe my little Ethan is one though. I asked for 12-18 month clothes for the winter and that is what we got. They seemed super huge though and I look at my baby and it just seems off, so I looked at the tags in his clothes today and it turns out he is still in 6-9 month clothes. Hmmm, he is small for his age but I didn't realize he was that small! At this rate he will be three by the time the new outfits fit....Grow baby grow!!!!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Ethan is One!....and Paul is married!

Today is Ethan's birthday. I had meant to do a post last night about Paul's wedding and also one for Ethan, however the Internet kept crashing so here they are together and late. Oh, well!
My little man is one, and he is still my baby. Funny how that is with the youngest. He is crawling and I am sure walking is just around the corner. He motors around the house and is into everything and exploring with his mouth. He is an amazing little guy, always relaxed, rarely cries, and calm around strangers. A delight! If he was any other way I am sure I would not handle life well! I love you 'Eth'!!
For his birth story as told by daddy click here.

Ok, and for those of you dying to hear about my brother's wedding it will have to wait, but knock yourselves out with the pics, click here to view the whole album.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Four years ago today...

I married my best friend,
my love,
my partner.

Sorry bout the low quality pic's, they are pics of pics. A little grainy and the color is off but here they are.

Happy anniversary, I love you Dave!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Our weekend was a rough one. Saturday night we all fell ill with the flu, the same one that Kaitlyn had on her birthday. Ethan and I got off lightly in the throwing up department but sure felt lousy!! Sunday was recovery day, we all felt better but had no energy.

We still managed to get out of the house and congratulate Katie as she finished the MS tour. On Saturday she completed the first half of the ride and felt on top of the world, finishing early even. However the second day was into 65 km winds and took over 5 hours to complete. Her team mates dropped out and caught a ride from the first pit stop to the last and then rode across the finish line. I was shocked that people would do that!

Her team raised well over 5 thousand bucks and she raised over $1000.00 herself, I am soooo proud of her. She ended up finding a group of girls to ride with and they took turns breaking the wind. However I am sure it was an emotional ride too, especially when a truck full of bikes would go past followed by a shuttle bus.

The town of Rouleau(Dog River) was the finish line so we checked out the Corner Gas set, one of my favourite easy watching, funny, clean shows.

The rest of our day was spent lazing around. Kaitlyn and I sewed up a few pillows for her babies and that was the extent of our activities.
Monday we were back to normal and back to the grind. I hosted the card party as planned and it was a blast. We made 5 cards and had a fun girls night, a nice break from the usual!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Katie will ride her bun's off

So tomorrow Katie starts her MS tour. Thank you every one who sponsored her, she will kick butt!!! Here is the link to see what she raised online, and she also raised another $1000.00. Good luck Katie, am already sympathising with your butt!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Finally...her day, a day late.

Here is that cake, the one I laboured 3 hours to decorate....well off and on between kiddo interruptions and poor little Kaitlyn didn't even get to enjoy it.

The whole reason I never got the chance to post was that Kaitlyn ended up with the stomach flu and I hit the sack with Ethan at 9:30 so I would have the energy to get up with her throughout the night.

Anyway here was our day....

We started the day early, did some shopping, got a birthday balloon and had the intentions of getting her a new outfit at the consignmet shop but could only find stuff for Ethan. Ended up with a pair of boots and some fleece winter pants....hoping he will grow into them sometime this year or next. However Kaitlyn was ecstatic about her balloon and it went everywhere with us all day.
While she was having her nap....with her balloon, I made her a party hat, with Dora on it of course. I had saved the extras from last year but they were all princess hats and well, she just isn't into that this year.

Sorry if this is all sounding so un-animated and boring, I am so tired and feel a little toast, so my interesting part of my brain is already asleep.

These are the boots I got for Ethan and they ended up fitting Kaitlyn so she has claimed them for now and is wearing them all the time-even with dresses, and it is actually kinda cute.

For supper we went to It's a Blast, and since Em was discharged from the hospital they came too. (mom, dad and Em) We had Phil already. As we were waiting to eat Kaitlyn got sick, we figured just from all the activity, but it happened again on the way home in the truck, so we knew, she had the flu.

She still managed through gift opening, happy, but by the time the cake came around she was ready for the next round of hurls and as we ate she got sick. The house cleared quickly and she snuggled up with daddy for the rest of the evening.
Thank you all for the great gifts and $$$, we will put it away for her and her needs as they come....most likely winter clothes.

And my little Ethan...he rode his car around the room for all to see and showed off his newly acquired crawling skills, he is motoring and getting into everything, and then exploring what he finds with his mouth, boy have I got to watch this one!!!
Anyway, that was her day. I must say today was much better, she was back to her normal self and we had to have her balloon refilled so she could take it everywhere with us today.

I am sooooooooooo beat, good-night!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Kaitlyn is two.

Well today is Sweetpea's second birthday. I am amazed at how fast the last two years have flown by, and I am so glad that I was able to spend almost every minute with her. I cannot express the love I have for her or Ethan for that matter, but this is her day, so I shall keep it about her.
It has been an interesting few years, Kaitlyn has grown and changed so much. This morning she was singing her alphabet in the bath, "cst..cog282..2...2..222.....tge2ac..lmno...qrst, yz, you, me" and when asked "how old are you today?" she responds with "two months." How she came up with the months part I have no idea, but I love her for it.
She has developed a strong sense of style and a mind of her own. Going out of the house with her is always an adventure which usually involves dressing up in a few layers, maybe a house coat, boots, a hat and glasses. Then of course you cannot forget her baby, stroller, clothes for the baby, a blanket and her purse.
We get a lot of looks and comments when we go out and sometimes I wonder what people must think of me as my daughter is dressed like a mini bag lady, but then I just don't care cause I love that she is expressing herself and not in a belly bearing and mini skirt kind of way,,,though I a sure those days will come. I will cherish these innocent ones while they last!!!!
Kaitlyn has also developed quite a love for her little brother and likes to help me care for him. Telling him "Tay, tay" when he cries....usually due to her pushing him over, but she is trying to be a help.
In the kitchen she helps unload the dishwasher and stirs anything being made, washes dishes and sweeps the floor. She loves to do as mommy does and it is quite fun, though a lot more work.
Anyway, this is just a little about my little sweet thing.
I will do a post tonight about her day.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Crazy busy.....and no end in sight....

The last few days have been so busy. I hosted Marita's (my bro Paul's fiancee) bridal shower last night and the last few days have been prep, prep, prep. Ethan, Kaitlyn and Phil helped me decorate the backyard and clean...well Phil distracted the kids so I could clean.
Then in the evening we finally got out for the first bike ride of the year, ya it took us that long. It was super nice and the kids loved it. Kaitlyn kept putting her feet up on the screen and so Ethan would try too. His legs are a little too short so they kept falling sending the two of them into fits of giggles. It was a really great break from the walks when all Kaitlyn wants to do is get out and walk.

Here are the party favours. Katie, thank you for all the help making them, and for all the food prep help, sorry I got a little snappy, stress!!

Here are the guests, friends and family of Paul and Marita, therefor also some of my relatives. Thank you all for coming and making Marita's night so special.

We played a few quick games and got on with gifts and food. Since we had it outside and the evenings are getting shorter I was afraid of getting stuck in the dark. It ended up being so nice, and I think everyone had a great time. Marita got great gifts and we all got to meet the other side of the family, all around I was really happy with how it went.

However a few guests were not able to attend, my mom and little sister Emily weren't able to be there and we missed them so much.
Emily was admitted into the hospital Monday night after spending the day in emerg vomiting. She had spent Sunday in bed groaning with abdominal pain and a fever. Sunday evening they went to the hospital and had blood work and urine samples taken. Then Monday morning they were back to get ultra sounds and then spent the whole day waiting for results. Finally they were booked in and should be getting out tomorrow morning.

We went up to see her this morning and I would say she is back to her normal self. The drip with meds seemed to get her back to the normal, chipper, practical joking little 8 year old we all know.

Mom and Phil couldn't help get in on the fun and raided the Dr. glove box to make some giant puffy hands.
Then the rest of the day I spent baking and decorating Kaitlyn's b-day cake...more on that tomorrow. I t took 3 hours to ice so I think we should all just look at it and not eat it and freeze it and admire it over and over. Actually I hope it is good and Kaitlyn loves it, I loved making of it will be up tomorrow night.
Pretty in Pink stopped by with the kids b-day gifts today, and they loved them, thank you Pip!!! Bath time will be sooo much more fun!