Saturday, August 04, 2007

The last two days.

Daddy painting with Kaitlyn to keep her distracted so I can get my paintings done. Last night I stayed up till 3:30 am to get these two done. The first one I named 'summer breeze' and it was inspired by the one I did for Katie. Click to enlarge.
I took them down to the store at noon and it was sold by mid afternoon, yipee!!! The black and white pair also sold this afternoon. So I have got to get cracking to keep up with filling the spaces they are creating. I am so glad that people like my art. It is always a crap shoot when I start a new one.
This one is still un-named. I had a different painting on this canvas and it was horrible, Dave said it looked like the painting of a grade three-er, so I painted this over it. Not my fave one, but it looks good with the furniture arrangement it's in.
Coloring with mommy, one of the things we fill our days with. Sometimes I feel my brain is turning to mush. I miss the lab and actually having to use my brain, not that I don't use my's just in a different less adult like way now.

My little man, at snuggle time.
Another distraction method, letting them paint while I do, though I get way less done.
So last night I decided to bake Dave cookies, a rare moment for me, but I wanted to do something special for him. He called while I was in the middle of eating the first batch and cooking the second, and it went something like this;
Dave: Hey, what's up?
Anna: Baking cookies.
Dave: Ha,, really?
Anna: Sitting here with my friend Andrea chatting.
Dave: That's more like it. I'm on my way back to Access.
Anna: See you in 30.
Dave: Yup, bye.
Click. Click.
He actually really didn't believe I made him cookies, that is how rarely it happens. Boy was he surprised when he came home!


prettyinpink said...

Anna...baking...and I missed it!!! SO happy to hear of your success at the store! I LOVE the latest pieces you have created! Big Hugs to K and E! Will be home soon!

BeachMama said...

Congrats on selling your paintings, they are all great.

As for the cookies we did that too last week, the hottest day of summer so far. But, I was tired of hubby buying store boughts.

Amy.E said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the dandelion paintings! Novel idea!

Anonymous said...

the blue dandelion one is awesome! i love it!