Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Our weekend was a rough one. Saturday night we all fell ill with the flu, the same one that Kaitlyn had on her birthday. Ethan and I got off lightly in the throwing up department but sure felt lousy!! Sunday was recovery day, we all felt better but had no energy.

We still managed to get out of the house and congratulate Katie as she finished the MS tour. On Saturday she completed the first half of the ride and felt on top of the world, finishing early even. However the second day was into 65 km winds and took over 5 hours to complete. Her team mates dropped out and caught a ride from the first pit stop to the last and then rode across the finish line. I was shocked that people would do that!

Her team raised well over 5 thousand bucks and she raised over $1000.00 herself, I am soooo proud of her. She ended up finding a group of girls to ride with and they took turns breaking the wind. However I am sure it was an emotional ride too, especially when a truck full of bikes would go past followed by a shuttle bus.

The town of Rouleau(Dog River) was the finish line so we checked out the Corner Gas set, one of my favourite easy watching, funny, clean shows.

The rest of our day was spent lazing around. Kaitlyn and I sewed up a few pillows for her babies and that was the extent of our activities.
Monday we were back to normal and back to the grind. I hosted the card party as planned and it was a blast. We made 5 cards and had a fun girls night, a nice break from the usual!

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