Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Crazy busy.....and no end in sight....

The last few days have been so busy. I hosted Marita's (my bro Paul's fiancee) bridal shower last night and the last few days have been prep, prep, prep. Ethan, Kaitlyn and Phil helped me decorate the backyard and clean...well Phil distracted the kids so I could clean.
Then in the evening we finally got out for the first bike ride of the year, ya it took us that long. It was super nice and the kids loved it. Kaitlyn kept putting her feet up on the screen and so Ethan would try too. His legs are a little too short so they kept falling sending the two of them into fits of giggles. It was a really great break from the walks when all Kaitlyn wants to do is get out and walk.

Here are the party favours. Katie, thank you for all the help making them, and for all the food prep help, sorry I got a little snappy, stress!!

Here are the guests, friends and family of Paul and Marita, therefor also some of my relatives. Thank you all for coming and making Marita's night so special.

We played a few quick games and got on with gifts and food. Since we had it outside and the evenings are getting shorter I was afraid of getting stuck in the dark. It ended up being so nice, and I think everyone had a great time. Marita got great gifts and we all got to meet the other side of the family, all around I was really happy with how it went.

However a few guests were not able to attend, my mom and little sister Emily weren't able to be there and we missed them so much.
Emily was admitted into the hospital Monday night after spending the day in emerg vomiting. She had spent Sunday in bed groaning with abdominal pain and a fever. Sunday evening they went to the hospital and had blood work and urine samples taken. Then Monday morning they were back to get ultra sounds and then spent the whole day waiting for results. Finally they were booked in and should be getting out tomorrow morning.

We went up to see her this morning and I would say she is back to her normal self. The drip with meds seemed to get her back to the normal, chipper, practical joking little 8 year old we all know.

Mom and Phil couldn't help get in on the fun and raided the Dr. glove box to make some giant puffy hands.
Then the rest of the day I spent baking and decorating Kaitlyn's b-day cake...more on that tomorrow. I t took 3 hours to ice so I think we should all just look at it and not eat it and freeze it and admire it over and over. Actually I hope it is good and Kaitlyn loves it, I loved making it.....pics of it will be up tomorrow night.
Pretty in Pink stopped by with the kids b-day gifts today, and they loved them, thank you Pip!!! Bath time will be sooo much more fun!

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Anonymous said...


I hope Emily is feeling better. Too bad your Mom and Emily had to miss the shower. It looked like you had a lot of fun. What did you give away as favors? It looked like a water bottle with something on it. It looked really interesting. Talk to you soon.

Love Aunty Kathy