Monday, August 27, 2007

Ethan is One!....and Paul is married!

Today is Ethan's birthday. I had meant to do a post last night about Paul's wedding and also one for Ethan, however the Internet kept crashing so here they are together and late. Oh, well!
My little man is one, and he is still my baby. Funny how that is with the youngest. He is crawling and I am sure walking is just around the corner. He motors around the house and is into everything and exploring with his mouth. He is an amazing little guy, always relaxed, rarely cries, and calm around strangers. A delight! If he was any other way I am sure I would not handle life well! I love you 'Eth'!!
For his birth story as told by daddy click here.

Ok, and for those of you dying to hear about my brother's wedding it will have to wait, but knock yourselves out with the pics, click here to view the whole album.


Mary said...

Happy Birthday, Ethan! He was born pretty fast sounds like. Must have been nice for you. :)

prettyinpink said...

Happy Birthday Eth! You are such a fantasic little boy! I love your cuddles and your big smile!
Lots of Love!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe it's been a year since that early morning phone call.
Ethan may not look like his Grumpy Walter but I think he got his temperment.
Speaking of looking like Grumpy, Dave looks as good in a suit as his Dad. I love it when Walter gets in a suit. They dress up really, really well.
Wedding looks beautiful - I love her colors.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ethan!

I hope that you had a wonderful birthday! He is getting so big and handsome! He will have all the girls calling him in a few years!

Congratulations to the bride and groom. They are a lovely couple! The wedding looked very pretty.

Love Aunty Kathy

Oh Baby Gifts said...

Congrats on Ethans Birthday. Its so cute how mischievous he looks in that second picture of his.

...and congrats to your brother as well!