Monday, March 03, 2008


I am really settling into my new space, this blog is now my archive.

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See you there!

I am moving!

Ack! I totally oopsed and let the cat out of my own bag!
I have been trying different blog spaces and hosts and well, I have decided to stick with blogger till I find my perfect match. I liked the mac site but I didn't like that I couldn't edit code.
I might go that route eventually but right now it is easier to just move laterally.
I need the space desperately and this way I can still putz around making blogs all over the net till I am happy.

From now on you will find all my new posts here (click). I will slowly move all my sidebar stuff over and this blog will just be my archives.
Hope you like the new space:)

Friday, February 29, 2008

The day after...

a very long night.
I don't know if it was because I had a cup of coffee later in the day or if it was growing pains.
Ethan did not sleep.
Therefore none of us did.
We had a fun day out of the house and both kids where in bed by 8pm. I was thrilled and whirled around the house cleaning for an hour so I could settle into painting for the rest of the night.
I got part of the base coat done. That is it.

By midnight Ethan had woken up a few times and would not go back down without a huge fight and so much noise that he would also wake up Kaitlyn.
We finally figured that it might be hunger and fed him a snack. He ate and drank a lot but he still wouldn't sleep. He thrashed and kicked and cried off and on till 4:30 this morning and then was ready to get up at 8:30.
I really hope tonight is better, we have been making such great progress with Kaitlyn and last night it all got thrown out the window.

Enough whining, I think I will dwell on what we did yesterday for a few minutes.
See the scowl in the second photo. This is something he has been doing a lot. Rather than talk and say what he feels when he doesn't like something he scowls. and he doesn't forget things either, he will hold his anger and continue scowling at you for a day or two if you tick him off enough.

Playing baby. I have no idea about the bowl on the head.

Kaitlyn and I love to dance for the 10 sec timer and then run up and see how silly we look.

Oh, and for those of you wondering I got my boots at Zeller's. Wal-mart had the floral ones but they where a much lower rise.

In the afternoon we headed down to the rink to meet up with my mom sis and bro and a few cousins to go skating. On the way there I went through the intersection where the "baby cops" (according to Em) were taking turns learning how to direct traffic.

They are actually RCMP in training and as a kid we used to call them the "wanna-be's''.

I had to go around the block a second time to see them again and was laughing so hard I was nearly crying and my sides ached. They were pointing different directions and seemed so confused. The ones on the corner watched and pointed at traffic, maybe trying to help.

Maybe you had to be there, but it was hilarious to watch.

I had no idea that there was actual training for this, never thought about it I guess.

I am in love with my new rubber boots!

My mom is going to kill me for this one I am sure, but I just love her whispies, now I know where I get them from.

Can you tell he's mine?

This afternoon he is going for his 18 month shots. If you are a praying person please send up a little prayer for him. I am always freaked out about shots so I hope it goes well.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Petals, a playdate and dreaming of puddle jumping

They should have been sleeping! Again they pushed till midnight and a painting was not released from the chains in my brain.
It is not like they didn't have a busy day, we jam packed is how it went...well first I will distract you with more pretty flowers.

No it is not my birthday and I am not sick, that I know of.
My sister 'TT' bought flowers and gave me her left overs, cheery!

Now back to how they should have been worn out enough to sleep last night.
We headed out for a lunch play date at BK.

The kids played for nearly two hours while Kami and I babbled away. I sure hope I didn't babble off her ear. I always feel like I talk way too much. It is not that I do not listen, I do, I love to, but I somehow think I do way too much talking, I go on and on and even forget what I was talking about in the middle of it.
That is bad!
However Kami is amazing! She is deep and thoughtful, you cannot help but love her, and she is cute to boot!

And can pull off sweet hats, I wish I could!
I had a great time hanging out and when it was all over we headed back to her place and I got to meet another fellow blogger in the flesh.
She was super sweet too and I look forward to seeing her again. I think that is the cool thing about meeting bloggers, it is like you have a great screening process and you become friends with them and then when you finally meet you already know each other and it is so natural.
This might sound odd like online dating or something, but really it is not.
It is a community and support system thing.
I think.
Anyway, off track again. Since it was now the middle of the afternoon I decided we should keep trecking and skip past the naps all together so we went rubber boot shopping for me.

Once I chose and bought a pair I thought I better go check out one other store and make sure there weren't others I might like more....I always do this. Decision making kills me!
The only issue is that we are on a very tight budget this week so to get them I had to dig into my grocery budget.
If anyone wonders why they didn't get dinner last is my boot's fault.
If there are any questions as to why we are eating ground beef for a week, well, aren't those boots just too cute!
On the way to the next mall naps happened, just for the 15 min car ride so I though that it would be ok, it was only 15 mins!!

I found another pair that I thought were so cute, ack, why!! I just wanted to hate everything else that I saw so my decision would be easier.
Then I actually went into the grocery get a few groceries with what was left of my cash. Of course I found something else,
these cute pots.
I didn't break the budget though, I will go back for them next week.

They will go perfectly with my new spring paint theme.

Since I got new boots and Kaitlyn already has cute bug boots, poor Ethan's looked so plain and lonely so I decided to paint them.
Kaitlyn found her old pair so we could paint together.

By this time it was already late. We struggled to get them down for the night over a few hours. They should have been tired and out by 9 with the day we had but that one little measly nap did us in.
We are on strike against naps today, I am dying to paint. Seems selfish but I need the release and the me time. Otherwise I just might blow a gasket or two.

We are ready to go puddle jumping now though, bring on the melt!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Filtered through

I love flowers and I love sunlight, these are on my window sill and cheer me up like you wouldn't believe.
I took a few other shots, pretty pinks and whites too, click here for them.
We had a break through, a huge one!
Last night Kaitlyn slept right through the night, for the first time, well if you do not count that she woke up once about 30 mins after going to bed. Dave shushed her back to sleep and that was it till I woke her up this morning.
This night weaning thing is going really well. However last night Dave barely got a wink of sleep because he kept waiting for Kaitlyn to wake up and would then lay there wondering if she was ok since she hadn't woken yet.
I actually did go in and check on her once to be sure she was ok.
Maybe she slept so well because she ate over 200 grams of shrimp before bed...enough to make me sick, hmmm, maybe I will feed her shrimp every night.

If she keeps sleeping this well I can just imagine what it will do for our sex life, whaa-hoo!
Now just to get Ethan sleeping like this and it could be like it was before kids, ha, ha!!
No, this does not mean more babies, not thinking about this for a few more years yet, well maybe we'll think about it next year, maybe!

We went for a chilly walk to a nearby school to play yesterday. I am afraid that when it comes time for Kaitlyn to actually go to school she will be greatly disappointed that it is not all about recess.

There are a ton of other pics from the weekend. I even dressed up for Dave just to go to Rona. Funny how you get different treatment from people based on how you look. (and I really wasn't that prettied up)
These two older men offered me their donuts and coffee and chatted up Kaitlyn as I got popcorn.
If I was in my frumpies I am sure I would not have gotten a glance let alone a bantering conversation.
I managed a terribly rough shot of myself in the closet door I dreamt of a completed place to get my clothes off the floor. Click here to check it out. (it is at the bottom of the page on the rt)