Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Filtered through

I love flowers and I love sunlight, these are on my window sill and cheer me up like you wouldn't believe.
I took a few other shots, pretty pinks and whites too, click here for them.
We had a break through, a huge one!
Last night Kaitlyn slept right through the night, for the first time, well if you do not count that she woke up once about 30 mins after going to bed. Dave shushed her back to sleep and that was it till I woke her up this morning.
This night weaning thing is going really well. However last night Dave barely got a wink of sleep because he kept waiting for Kaitlyn to wake up and would then lay there wondering if she was ok since she hadn't woken yet.
I actually did go in and check on her once to be sure she was ok.
Maybe she slept so well because she ate over 200 grams of shrimp before bed...enough to make me sick, hmmm, maybe I will feed her shrimp every night.

If she keeps sleeping this well I can just imagine what it will do for our sex life, whaa-hoo!
Now just to get Ethan sleeping like this and it could be like it was before kids, ha, ha!!
No, this does not mean more babies, not thinking about this for a few more years yet, well maybe we'll think about it next year, maybe!

We went for a chilly walk to a nearby school to play yesterday. I am afraid that when it comes time for Kaitlyn to actually go to school she will be greatly disappointed that it is not all about recess.

There are a ton of other pics from the weekend. I even dressed up for Dave just to go to Rona. Funny how you get different treatment from people based on how you look. (and I really wasn't that prettied up)
These two older men offered me their donuts and coffee and chatted up Kaitlyn as I got popcorn.
If I was in my frumpies I am sure I would not have gotten a glance let alone a bantering conversation.
I managed a terribly rough shot of myself in the closet door section....as I dreamt of a completed place to get my clothes off the floor. Click here to check it out. (it is at the bottom of the page on the rt)


hannah said...

Awesome news about Kaitlyn!!! Sooo happy for you ... now you know it can be done and you won't know yourself when you can sleep all night long! Well, after the sweet lovin' of course!! ;-)

Kami said...

Love the flowers, how could they not cheer you up?!

See you tomorrow!

Melanie said...

That is great news about Kaitlyn sleeping through the night. Skyla finally starting sleeping through the night again after a long course of waking up constantly and coming into our room that was (murphy's law) even after Duncan finally started to sleep well. Now both of them are sleeping really well. Haleluia for sleep!

Yes, we should have a play date some time. Let me know how to get in touch with you somehow.

(((((HUGS))))) sandi said...

I am such a nut~I'm sooo afraid of night weaning! ACK! It's just EASIER to nurse until they're like, THREE! LOL! ~I'm *kinda* kiddin'~

As for the husband-and-wife business, don'tcha know you have THE WHOLE HOUSE? ~snort~

I must be feelin' frisky tonight! TMI, huh? (((((HUGS))))) sandi

The Chatty Housewife- said...

Great news! I hope this becomes a habit on her part. Not only will it make your evenings more pleasant, but it will make your days easier for both of you. (Mommy and K!) She will be well rested for the day.

Family Adventure said...

Go Kaitlyn! Awesome job, you guys!

And those are beautiful flowers!


Madame Bluestocking said...

You ARE a hot mama! I wish I looked that good - and I don't have the kids excuse!

Jovi said...

hooray for sleeping thru the night!!! my kids took ages to do it, too (liel took 22 months or so), so i def relate. i had a hard time the first few nights myself, worrying she'd wake up and/or wasn't OK. but she didn't and she was!

your flowers are LOVELY.