Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Big move in sight here is the deal.
I have been considering a wise for quite some time. I have tried out a few different hosts and, well, I like blogger. However I am runing out of storage and it is going to cost me and I do not like the fact that they want me to back everything up onto Picasa when I already have the whole Flickr affair going on.

So since no matter what it looks like I have gotta fork out some dough (and really I should for the amout of time I diddle around on here)...I have finally found a space I think I like.

Now bear with me, I have a ton of work to do still, a lot of moving of stuff over and yadda, yadda. For now it is in the baby stages, testing the waters stages. Links don't work yet and pages are not filled out.

However.....I am dying to know what someone other than me thinks!

Go check it out and let me know what you think. Seriously and you like this or that?!

You can post a comment here or there, I will get it either is not like I am gone from here yet....this is only a test!

I am giddy about this, aaaggghhhhh........

Ok, here for the link!

Enjoy! (if the link doesn't work, let me know)


Hannah said...

Looks great to me! Let me know when you actually move and I'll update my feed reader!

Family Adventure said...

It looks good, Anna. The top picture is not blurry at all. It looks beautiful.


Karen MEG said...

Your new site is so crisp and clean. The one thing with Macs is how fabulous they are with photos and images, so it looks like a great move for you!