Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cement eye lids

Once again it is the wee hours of the morning and I am soo beat I can barely keep my eyes open let alone sit up.
I am sorry that I have been the most boringest blogger of the week but we have been so busy.
Fun busy and yuck busy, cleaning, organizing, visiting with family, shopping, swimming......and a pile of other stuff.
Dave has been doing the night wean thing with Kaitlyn for a few nights now and last night she only woke once, yay!!!! This is massive progress on her 6-8 normal wakings.

Ok, so I uploaded around 700 pics, sorted them and got them ready to post, however I am as tired as a marathoner so I will just share a bit of what I have been doing in the evenings and post the biggie tomorrow....sometime when I catch a break.

Kaitlyn loves to help...even if it is just rinsing my brushes.

Three of the completed pieces....a few others still on the go. The two larger ones are for the store and the smallest is a gift....oooo, she might just see this, I am such a spoil sport. I won't name names just yet...let there be a bit of mystery...really i am just too tired to do a link at this moment.

I was also inspired by the same chicko to do a little sewing and since I am madly in love with totes I dug through my massive fabric sample pile and whipped this up. A little rough, but it will serve grocery purpose.

That is it, I am backspacing more than typing, if you where here you would think I am loaded (I am not)
so sorry for the typos, will do a gooder later.


Family Adventure said...

I'm not surprised you're tired...paintings and a tote. You are a unstoppable!

And yeah! to Kaitlyn almost sleeping through the night now. Hope it stays that way... :)


prettyinpink said...

Ya for Kaitlin! And Mommy and Daddy too!

Karen MEG said...

Those are gorgeous paintings... and that tote is to DIE FOR! I love that pattern. You are so good...

SAJ said...

I love the birdy one!

what is that paint rinsing station thing? that's interesting to me...maybe i need to get something handy like that.

Hannah said...

Gosh, 2am! No wonder you're tired! But the art and the bag are fantastic ... your talent is seemingly limitless!

YAY for Kaitlyn only waking once! That is huge progress and you guys deserve a pat on the back for helping her get from there to here. Long may it continue!

Kami said...

YAY for sleep training! It's hard on everyone but it's oh so worth it!

The paintings are fabulous and so is the bag - way to go you!

YOU rock ;-)

The Chatty Housewife- said...

You/your blog/your posts are not boring. I love the paintings. They might just inspire me to do some paintings of my own. But if I start I might end up needing a whole lot of supplies- I never just do something simple... I would want all the colors I could get my hands on and lots and lots of supplies. Sigh. I better just stay away!

JeniBeans said...

i love those new ones. you really do awesome work Anna. And I WANT THAT TOTE! I'm a collector...ahem...of bags. hahaha