Thursday, February 07, 2008

Flickr through my day

I don't even know where to start this post. So I will babble and see where it takes me.
So far tonight the whole new schedule thing with the kids has not gone well. We completely threw it off by going out to dinner and stopping by my parents place. I had hoped the kids would be worn out and sleep in the truck on the way was 10pm!
No luck and they were up past midnight! Kaitlyn was awake till one and this was after Dave fell asleep on the floor in her room after many books and I had poored sleepy time story after story out of my brain. Prayed with her and sang. No luck.
We cannot go out after dinner, that is it! Lesson learned!
Today was actually a really great day. Dave had the day off so I got to sleep in (oh, yeah!) and the de-cluttering continued. Chores got done and we just had fun!

It is now super-duper late and I am beat, rather than stay up another hour waiting for my photos to upload I have plunked them all into Flickr and done a picture by picture walk through of the day. Just click on each photo to bring up all the text. (Click here to see our day.)

Can you believe what happened to our snowmen...crazy!!

Hope we have a better night tomorrow and I can do a real post:)


Hannah said...

Oh, bummer about the schedule! It might be difficult, but I think staying home in the evenings for a while is probably the best bet. Once they're firmly established in a good sleeping pattern you can add in those one-off nights without too much problem. That kind of thing (changing the routine, staying out for dinner, etc) is harder when your kids are little as well, no matter how well they sleep at night. It gets much easier as they get older, so hang in there!

beck said...

Love the pics of the kids with Dave (and you too, of course) but there's something so special and sweet to see a picture of a daddy with his baby(ies.)

Karen MEG said...

I love your family photo! It's great that you do that, we never have enough of us all together - you're a beautiful family.
Thing about schedules, once you get one, it tends to go "poof" ... changes, that the only thing that's a constant with little ones.
And, yeah, what the... about those snowmen? Someone needs anger management LOL!

Anonymous said...

lawn job to nix the snowmen that's cold! At least it not in the summer to tear up your entire yard.

Family Adventure said...

It's always tough to start implementing a schedule, so I think you might want to give yourself a week or two where all you do is work on the schedule. Especially at night time.

Gawd, do I sound like I have all the answers? Mike would laugh at me. I so do not.

Good luck! Hope you got some sleep...


Amy.E said...

Great family picture! Love your 'do.

Jovi said...

hey darlin'! hang in there with the takes time, but they'll get on it! my kids are 7pm-7am (or 630am)...we can go out with them, but very, very early, lol. nightmares are tough, but as long as she goes back to sleep easily i wouldn't worry in terms of the sleep schedule, at least. finally, lovely family pic! :) :)

Kami said...

I am back! It was fabulous! Why do we live here? WHY?


I cannot live without a schedule! I am a little OCD about the schedule. It comes with time but you have to be consistent. My kids always get really grumpy when they don't get enough sleep so that is super motivation for me!

cc said...

Schedules, schemedules, whatagles?
I hope you find a happy medium soon.

And you're Caught Being Good.