Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Daily life...

Once again here is Kaitlyn without clothes on. She usually does wear them but sometimes she ditches them or as in this case it is early morning and she just isn't dressed yet.
We really need to get Ethan some shades of his own, these just don't seem to be cutting it!
Auntie Emily feeding Ethan. I think he ended up wearing more than he ate, but it was cute anyway.
Helping Mommy make supper.
Hanging out at Grammy's.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

I know, I know....

There are four new posts in a row.....when I get the chance to post I get as much done as possible, so bear with me:) And enjoy. Oh, and just click on any picture to enlarge it.

A day at the cottage.

The boys and their toys.
Left to right is; Philip, Dad and Emily, Paul and Dave.
They did over 80 kms of riding on Saturday. They went across the lake and found Charles and Jackie's new farm, hung out there for a bit taking their kids for rides around the yard.

Dave, Phil, Emily and Paul foolin around in the snow. It was a nice day, though the breeze was cool.

Kaitlyn stood at the window watching everyone outside. She had no interest in going out in the cold, smart girl!

Crazy hair dudes!
Sharing loves!

Still more pics from the lake...

Chillin in the house, I never made it out to play this time. Kaitlyn wouldn't go down for a nap so we played inside all day. Dreaming of the day he can join the big boys outside!
Kaitlyn colored all over Grandpas black-berry, oops! I cleaned it really well, thank goodness it came clean!!
She went around and around the island giggling and playing with a golf ball, she would roll it all over the place, bounce it and then loose it. Grammy always found it for her though.
Snack time. Kaitlyn was trying to feed Ethan her grapes.

Treat night

Saturday evening we went to see Dawson and Erika perform with their Sunday-school classes. Dawson is in the middle here, dressed as a soldier in the Lord's army.
(Dawson and Erika are my cousins)
The young adults group just sang a few songs...no acting, oh well.
Erika played the king in the story of Esther.

Kaitlyn and Avery

Kaitlyn and Avery are reunited.(There is a post of the two of them at eleven weeks old) They are ten days apart in age and related, though to tell you how would take to long so I will just leave it at that. Kaitlyn was shy at first and a little taken aback. Avery talks really well and is quite outgoing. Kaitlyn wasn't sure what to make of that, however it didn't take her long to come around.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A spot of sunshine.

Well once again I have done five new posts in a row. (not including this one) If you are not a Grandma you may not enjoy all the pic's of my kids, but I do it for the Grandparents...and Aunties:)
One of the posts is about our washroom, check it out and let me know what you think.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


It was a beautiful day out today so I got the kids all bundled up and we took the new jogging/bike trailer for a test run. I loved it and the kids loved it!
Kaitlyn held Ethan's hand most of the time. She would point out her little window at things and smile. She didn't want to get out when we came home and that was after an hour long walk. Ethan slept most of the time but seemed to enjoy it.

I love the big old trees in our neighborhood, they grow up over the streets and create a canopy. It's so romantic! I think it will be so pretty in the summer.

No pictures please

So Hollywood! She thinks she's a star......actually she's annoyed with me because I take to many pictures....I get the point, I'll lay off.
Playing on our bed, they love all the pillows!
Sharing love

Need Help!

I need help on this one, let me know what you think. Here is our bathroom. I really didn't like it when we moved in but the wood has really grown on me. However it still looks very outdated. I am looking for suggestions to make it look more modern without breaking the bank. I think that new flooring is a must, and a place to start, though I am unsure of what would look best. Any ideas?

Moving up.

Ethan moved up to a big boy car seat on February 15th. He didn't seem sure of it at first but now he likes it.
Kaitlyn still loves her wagon,thank-you Grandma A!

Trying to find something, Kaitlyn and Dave both love the I spy books.

All about Ethan!

Kaitlyn was having a nap so I set up a mini studio and Ethan struck a few poses.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Our Valentine's Day

First thing in the morning Dave had flowers delivered, just like the ones he got me on our first date seven years ago. When he came home from work he brought more treats, which we won't discuss;)

Kaitlyn kept climbing up on the table to smell the flowers. She did it over and over and over....she loves flowers!
Katie, Phil and Emily came over to watch the kids while Dave took me out for dinner. I made them supper then we took off. It was so weird to leave the kids behind and go out, it felt like I left a limb behind, though it was really nice to get out and have adult conversation. We will definitly have to do it again.