Thursday, February 01, 2007


We are now full swing into Barbies. I set up my old Barbie stuff thinking it would be something for older kids to play with when they come over. However once Kaitlyn saw it all she was so excited. We now spend minimum an hour a day in the basement playing. When I finally convince her to go upstairs she brings a few of them with her and then stands at the basement door yelling and crying because she wants to go back. new world! Once Dave gets home it starts all over again, right down to the yelling at the door. What fun!!

Poor Ethan has to just hang out while we play barbies. Kaitlyn gives him the barbie life ring from the pool set to chew, he does seem to like it, just don't tell him he's playing with barbie stuff.


Anonymous said...

Ok. So, I know that I have a biased opinion. But, these are by far the cutest babies in the entire world. Hands down. Although, Emily was equally cute, and Phil too.

I can't believe how huge they are already.And - I can't wait to see them again. And kiss/hug them again.

-Aunt Katie

Anonymous said...

I agree with Katie,
You have the cutest babies (mom and dad aren't bad either) Thanks for the pictures of Grandma and Grandpa Anderson - it looks like they totally enjoyed your visit.
Take care - lots of love
Grandma Anderson jr.