Friday, February 16, 2007

Coffee Break!

Saturday evening Kaitlyn, Ethan and I met a few friends for coffee at Second Cup. (my favorite coffee joint) It was fun to see how much the kids had grown and what words they were saying.
Nice shoes!
We went out to see Ryan and Ann for lunch on Saturday. Kaitlyn played ball with the cat, who didn't seem to be so impressed with her, he looked ready to pounce most of the time.
Dave and Kaitlyn in front of our old house. They got crazy amounts of snow!!


Anonymous said...

we came we saw we left. looks great! hi all, we miss you cant wait for a visit we can actually see you at!
Love Mike Joy Chrystina & Kaylee
(we could bring the RV this summer to you ....... any Ideas?)

familymclean said...

It would be awsome if we could go camping together, maybe cyprus hills or something.