Monday, March 03, 2008


I am really settling into my new space, this blog is now my archive.

For my new blog click here!

To follow Anna McLean the artist click here.

See you there!

I am moving!

Ack! I totally oopsed and let the cat out of my own bag!
I have been trying different blog spaces and hosts and well, I have decided to stick with blogger till I find my perfect match. I liked the mac site but I didn't like that I couldn't edit code.
I might go that route eventually but right now it is easier to just move laterally.
I need the space desperately and this way I can still putz around making blogs all over the net till I am happy.

From now on you will find all my new posts here (click). I will slowly move all my sidebar stuff over and this blog will just be my archives.
Hope you like the new space:)