Saturday, September 29, 2007

Four day diary...warning, long.

I lay in bed trying to get the much needed sleep I so desperatly need and swarms of posts swirl in my head. Articulated perfectly, whitty and funny, fun stories. Then I sit here to type....blank! I must have type fright or something.
So I shall do my boring best to recount the last few days. Starting with Wednesday. Above are two pics, the first of this amazing crack of sunlight coming through the rain clouds over the neighbors house with a rainbow peeking through too. Speaking of my neighbors house...did you know that the movie Just Friends was filmed in that house and our house is in it too? the background.
Anyway that day Kaitlyn was watching TV and Emily Yeung was on and going swimming that day. So off Kaitlyn trotted to get her swim suite on and proceeded to ask me to go to the "beach, beach, new water, beach" I tried over and over to explain to her that we had to go to the pool instead since it was evening and cool out. She cried ''Noooooo. Beach!" Finally she was ok with the idea of going to the inside beach, so long as it was a beach.

After Dave came home and we rushed through dinner, off we went to the pool with uncle Phil and auntie Em in tow. Kaitlyn wore her water wings for the first time though she did not swim. Oh, she thought she did but what she really did was hop and paddle at the same time in chin high water. Ethan had so much fun too and splashed his little heart out the whole hour we sat in that pee infested warm kiddy pool, ick.

Now for a mile stone update. Ethan is starting to talk. His first words are "oh oh, book, Dora, Mamma", in that order.

Ok, now for Thursday...these days were a little rough on me and a bit of a blur due to children being up before 7, actually just a few minutes past 6. Ugh!!!! Anyway once I get moving it is not so bad, I just like to complain. Really I don't think I do, but Dave tells me I thrive on it. Maybe it is how I vent.
Back to the day... Kaitlyn dressed herself, can you tell? Let's see, we also spent some time rolling in the dough, Canadian Tire Dough that is. Kaitlyn has purses full and Ethan found a stash for himself. Mmmmm the smell of moulah! In the afternoon we headed out to Toys R Us to buy a second video monitor (the price at Toys R Us here is 150% more than on this site, boy do I feel ripped off!!!) The reason for this trip to the store was the previous post.
I like to spend time with Dave and he likes to be touchy feely, so we decided that the easiest solution would be to stick Ethan in his own room and reclaim our bedroom for snuggles. They were sold out---no surprise there since it is the most awesome baby monitor ever! Well I should say second most awesome. I saw that there is a newer version out now with a bigger display screen, pretty cool! Anyway since we were out already I wanted to do something so we headed over to Value Village to waste some time, and a few bucks.
We found a great little see-saw for $7.99 a lion costume for the dress up trunk for $1.99 and another baby for Kaitlyn for 3 bucks. I love deals like this, I love thrift stores!!!

Now for Friday since can't remember anything else from Thursday, must have been worse than I thought!
Friday was a long and productive day. We played inside and out. Played with Halloween costumes, which Ethan hates. I had to cut the feet out of the bottom of his since it was a little to short in the leg area, however it was the hood that set him off, he hates hats and hoods.
Should be a fun winter! We also played fort in the living room. This is super fun for playing hide and seek, until Kaitlyn decides the sheet should be a cape and whips it off and tears off down the hall.

My poor children have some crazy hair, this is Kaitlyn's at it's best, just combed.

And little Ethan, poor guy, still doesn't have much. It is getting a little long around the back behind his ears but I just can't justify clipping it till hi has some on top. I hope it comes in soon because mullets just aren't cool anymore!

Wonder where they get their poor hair jeans from?

Ya, need I say more!

Trying to escape, is my hair really that bad? I am scary to my own children!

Friday the kids wanted to potty train. Ethan has been crawling into the bathroom and pooing next to the toilet every once in a while and he loves to just sit on it. Kaitlyn decided she wanted to go in the potty too and dragged them out to the living room so they could go together. I though it was a bad idea, but was busy in the kitchen so just threw the sheet on the floor and explained to her that if she had to go she must do it i the potty. Nope. Every where but the potty. I will not go into details, just that it was not fun!
I stopped by Willow and picked up a new area carpet. I loved it , it just didn't fit the house so it went back.
For dinner we had the family over for a BBQ- last minute. Seems to work best that way. I deep fried onion rings for the first time on the stove, yummy!! After dinner, we had fresh apple crumble and ice cream. Ethan was not impressed with his and scooped all the ice cream out so he could eat his cone.

Emily spent the evening playing basket ball in our bedroom with a bent coat hanger as a net jabbed into the partially deconstructed closet reno project. We later had a tea party to pass the time that the guys spent on the couch glued to the football game on TV.
Now for today!
We were up early, again. I am getting better at it, I think, or I am going crazy.
We were out of the house by 8 and having breakfast at McD's. 3 pancakes, an apple sliced, 2 hash browns, 1 chocolate milk and a coffee and a toy for $6.11 and between the three of us (the kids and I, Dave was working)we couldn't finish it all. Not bad for six bucks!! Then we were off to Walmart to get groceries and home by 10.
The whole time Kaitlyn was complaining that her "Doras, hurts". That would be her runners. So I figured that maybe they were too small. She has complained about this a few times this week so something must be up.

Gram, mom and the kids came over for lunch and we headed back to "Walldo" to see if we could find her some new shoes. Nope! Either too big or too small or too ugly. Payless was picked over and so we hit up a few thrift stores and boutiques.

This was depressing and took all afternoon. The kids napped in the truck and we kept up the search. I just flat out refuse to spend $35-$67.00 on a pair of shoes that she will outgrow in a few months. What is with that pricing????

After 4 hours we finally ended up at Zellers , had a sit in the broken down ride, found the shoe section and just like that actually had to choose just one pair. What a relief! Turns out she is a 6 1/2 and her 'Doras' were a five. Oops. She loves her new runner!!

Now of course I cannot go into a shoe store without taking a glance for myself and while at Payless spied a few cute ones and just had to put them on hold. After supper we (with Dave) rushed back to the mall so I could show him them before the 6pm closing time. And he treated me. I couldn't decide which pair to get. I loved them all, reminded me of my plaid con's from high school, which I dearly loved.

Feel the practical style!

Soooo fun!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Love language---revisited.

So I came across this test over at Comfortably Crazy. I have read the book and done the work sheet, however that was a few years ago. I didn't realize that my love language had changed, but apparently it has. I used to score physical touch at the top....which it still is very important, but I think it was more important to me back in the days before kids, in that fuzzy touchy stage.
So here is how my love with Dave has evolved:
I feel loved when...

The Five Love Languages

Anna's Primary Love Language is Quality Time

My Detailed Results:
Quality Time: 9
Words of Affirmation: 7
Physical Touch: 6
Receiving Gifts: 4
Acts of Service: 4

So after reading my score I got Dave on here so he could see what I need and of course so I could see what he needs.

Here are his results:

I feel loved when...
Dave's Primary Love Language is Physical Touch
My Detailed Results:
Physical Touch: 10
Acts of Service: 8
Quality Time: 6
Words of Affirmation: 4
Receiving Gifts: 2

About this quiz

Unhappiness in relationships is often due to the fact that we speak different love languages. It can be helpful to know what language you speak and what language those around you speak.

So after all was said and done I said to Dave, "So now you know why I like to hang out with you all the time," and his reply was, "and that would be why I want you to touch me all the time," and this would explain why he likes to touch me all the time.

So now I challenge you to go take the quiz, have fun! Oh, and if you are up to sharing, leave a comment and let me know what your love language is.

Take the Quiz!
Check out the Book

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Little monkeys

"Look ma, no hands!" Gymnastics has turned out to be really fun, kinda wish we could go every day. Kaitlyn has been having a blast and improving already, walking on the balance beam without holding the hoop and did a summer sault without the teachers help, of course after words she stood and waited for every one to clap at her accomplishment, I obliged, I was as excited as she was.

Ethan was in all his glory...can't you tell, riding around on the toys, sliding down the slides and playing with balls and trains.

Today was not great. Last night was tough, the best sleep I got was the two hour stretch between 2 and 4am. They were both up, it seemed hourly before and after that. Then to top it off they were both up and ready to go at 6:45 am. Yuck!!!! I do not function at that hour, even with coffee. I ended up spending the first few hours laying on the living room floor with two little monkeys crawling all over me. My eyes hurt, brain hurt and I was moving like a slug. I sooo badly need more sleep. Ya I should probably be in there now considering Ethan went down at 7 and Kaitlyn at 9, they will most likely be up with the birds again. I have already been up with both of them 4 times in the last few hours.
I sure wish I could figure out how to get them to sleep better.
Anyway after we all had naps around noon we headed out of the house for a walk. I was hoping that the fresh air would help with my sleepy head since the nap just wasn't effective, I am guessing because I had guzzled coffee to try and shake my self awake.

The play time in the park was actually really nice, just escaping the pile of dishes and Dora was a nice break.

Tonight Dave took Kaitlyn out shopping and I crashed with Ethan at 7 for an hour, I feel a little better, but am going to hit the sack now. I am sooooo beat!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Perfect Indian summer day

We had one fun filled full day today. Started the day with a little demolition and a crunch to the park. Dave started reno's this morning, knocking out the wall between our bedroom closet and the second and smaller closet in Ethan's room. Our closet is so small I cannot believe that for 60 years people have lived with it. Even to switch clothes out seasonally doesn't work, so soon it should be more than double it's size.
To keep the kids out of his hair, since of course with all the banging and excitement they wanted to be in the thick of it, so I marched them off for a walk to the park. What an amazing morning. No wind, warm sun and crispy foliage. The perfect Indian summer day!

Mid morning we got a call that everyone was heading out to the cottage for the day. Work got put on hold for play. How could we not take advantage of this amazing weather, I am sure there wont be many more days like this to enjoy this year, so off we went.

I have never loved fall like I have this year. To me it always symbolized the end of summer and that depressed me. However this year I have decided to just enjoy whatever and all that I can, and after an especially hot summer I cannot tell you how welcome this fall weather has been. Even the smells and sounds and the beautiful colours I am experiencing like never before. If is funny when you decide to find the joy in something how your whole perspective can change, I absolutely love it!!! Crunch, crunch!!

We spent a lot of time down at the water, searching for treasures, cray fish, petrified wood and bones. There is always something fun waiting to be discovered under the next rock or behind a fallen branch. Or of course in Ethan's case there is always sea weed to be harvested and tasted.

"Hey man, I'm gonna get ya" He seems to know what to do with a gun.....gopher hunting! Gangsta style.
"Gottcha, ha, ha!" Can't even talk, but sure picks up quick watching his uncle Phil playing with the big kids.

"Hey daddy, going hunting, I see the prey, come on follow me this way!"

Towards the end of the afternoon we were all winding down and so it was craft time. I had taken out the paints and knew there was a project begging to be worked on. The sing at the top of the hill hadn't been painted since I first painted it as a kid and it was weathered badly and faded. Mom had picked up a few wood plant stands at a garage sale so we got busy painting them.

At dust the wind dyed down and the lake became calm. I just love this time of day, it is so still and peaceful, I could just sit down by the water and soak it up every night, I hope someday we can....keeping the dream alive. Dave, Phil and Em went for a canoe ride-paddle-row, not sure what you would call it, over to the boat launch to take it in for the winter.
Then to wrap up the day we sat around the fire and talked and shared in each others mini adventures throughout the day. These are the kind of days I wish would just last forever. and ever and ever. Awesome! Thank you Lord!