Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Slurpee sanity

Where to has been a few interesting days, well maybe not interesting, trying, well one of them anyway. I have been trying to get caught up around here and get things on a routine of sorts. I have also been reading too, and that I will post about on Mommy's Rambling's.

Ok, on Monday it was Dave's birthday and it started out just fine, I even got a post in, but by noon it was taking a turn for the worse. Nap times have not been going well and this day was no exception. I had just gotten Ethan to sleep when Kaitlyn wanders in and yells, "mamma, mamma, up, up!" Ethan starts to scream and I have two fussy tots on my hands.
I try nursing both at the same time and Kaitlyn starts to drift off so I take a semi-awake Ethan and go to leave the room, he starts to scream and they are both up again.
It has now been two hours since the whole ordeal started and I break down. I don't want to freak out at the kids and I don't know what else to do so we jump in the truck.

Driving should help.

And it did! I found my sanity in two slurpees, (a slurp-achinno and a pina colada), calming classical tunes and a leisurely drive with two sleeping babes. They were so beautiful, both slumped over in their car seats snoring softly, so peaceful!

We spent a few hours exploring the south end of the city and then headed home. Getting chores done didn't happen, I tried but to no avail. For some reason both kids were being needy and pulling on me and, well we just didn't get a thing done.
I never got Dave a card and never made supper, I didn't even get myself prettied up. Poor Dave, after a long hard day at work had to come home to frumpy's...on his birthday....and eat left overs! To top it off we got in a petty fight over something silly since we were both so beat and it was midnight and the kids were still up!Ugh what a day!!

Yesterday was better, naps happened and when they do i fly around prep supper and clean. I was so productive I even put a table cloth on the table and got out fancy glasses, did laundry, dishes and read a book.
When the kids were up we baked some dessert and were ready for when daddy came home, oh how I wish every day would go so smoothly.

I have more to post but I will try to do it tonight.....the subject of that post has yet to be sorted out completely.


MJ said...

Wow! Lots happening at your house! Hope all are feeling better, naps on track! Lovely birthday cakes for the kids ~ makes me look lazy with just plain chocolate cakes but mine don't really know any difference so that's okay! Lovely stampin' up cards too!

Sleepynita said...

Hey you, I haven't said hi for a while! Kids are looking great!