Saturday, September 22, 2007


Yippee, we got out of the house for a play-date on Thursday. There were 5 little boys Ethan's age there and they basically just crawled all over each other and snatched toys from one another. Kaitlyn was quite happy to get out although she was completely outnumbered! There was an older boy there, about 6-7 months older than her. They shared cup cakes, jumped on the trampoline and played in the yard together. I really need to get her out with kids her age more often, she has so much fun!

Today was paint day again and the color of choice was blue, of course. Kaitlyn loves blue and will migrate to it whether it is on a plate, a crayon, in a dress, on a cup cake or in a toy. Blue, blue , blue!

For some reason I thought they would be about the same size by this stage. With Kaitlyn being small for her age I just figured that Ethan, being a boy would be big and therefore catch up to her by now. I sure didn't count on him being even smaller for his age than her!

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Anonymous said...

HI there
we are in New Mexico, visiting Marcia. She has some words for you!
Can't believe how much the kids have
grown!!! They are both awesome and
their grandparents are soooooo
proud of them!
Maybe one day you can come for a
visit and see this beautiful state!
Take care kids, stay healthy and
enjoy each and every day!!! Luv &
hugs, Marcia