Monday, September 17, 2007

Test batch #2

First of all I want to say thank you to Nicole and Chatty for the advice. I spent the whole weekend tooling around outside taking pictures. Here are a few of the ones I took with both cameras. A ton more to come, taken with the new post.

Once again all the photos on the left were taken with the old Sony and the ones on the right are with the new Canon.

As of this weekend I have two complaints with this camera and have yet to decide if they are deal breakers.
1) It always chooses an object to focus on. If I want the whole picture, things close and far to be focused, I just cannot seem to achieve this.
2) Photos taking indoors in low light are washed out up close, bright flash and the picture doesn't seem to have all over uniform saturation.....the one thing I still like about the old camera!

The color is different between the cameras and it is taking me a bit to adjust to this new camera. This is my last day of test pics since I have to send it back to the store if I decide against it tonight.

I am starting to really like some aspects of this new camera as I get used to it. I just can't decide yet if I want to keep it and the hours are ticking down on my one week trial. Is there no perfect camera out there? Perfect to me would be;
1) crystal clear focus on all objects
2) digital SLR
3) view screen on that digital SLR and video
4) good indoor low light pics
5) still point and shoot and compact


The Chatty Housewife- said...

If you want both near and far to be focused (the whole picture) you turn it to scenery mode I think. Mine has little mountains.

When you press the button 1/2 way down, it focuses and if it focuses on the wrong thing and you want it to focus on another, you can lift your finger and press again and it tries again. At least that is what mine does!

comfortablycrazy said...

If you have an optical zoom and a night setting you can use that indoors, plus it may have an indoor setting. And if you're taking pictures of the kids put it on the kids/pets setting, it captures them as they're moving without as much blurriness. I have a Canon SD550 and love it.