Saturday, September 15, 2007

Test photos

Old camera on the left and new camera on the right.

Again, old on left, new on fight

old on left, new on rt

old ... new....

old camera on the left, new one on the right

Old on the left again and new on the right.
This is rather perplexing for me. It does not seem a lot better despite the ratings. The new camera scored a 9.6 for picture quality with our old one scoring a 9.0. Even with the deterioration of time and many drops, I think it is not as bad as I thought....the new one just isn't that much better! Better enough to keep? Haven't decided that yet, so much comes into play. I will have to do more tests.
I must admit that the detail is captured better with the new one and that is what I lost with the old one with the last drop, so it has one uped it! But I am not impressed with it capturing movement. I took a ton of pics of the kids in the yard today and so many of them are blurry. Focus is an issue with any movement.
However there are some other cool features about it, that if we keep it I will fill you in on soon. A big down side is that the body is plastic....not hearty metal. So wrist strap went on right hindsight I should have had it on the old one too. If only I had I would not be writing this post!

I have a ton to post about so hopefully I will get caught up on the weekend. Dave has worked the late shift this week and it throws me off....and the whole camera thing is getting me down, so it's not that I am not around, just busy!


nicole said...

try some outdoor shots without flash and see the difference. Flash changes things. Just a thought!

The Chatty Housewife- said...

Anna, do you have a setting in the camera for kids/outdoor movement? I like using that setting for things that are twirling or running around. :) Sometimes they can come out grainy though, just as if you were using 400 film in a non-digital.