Monday, September 10, 2007

Waiting....and twittering

These pics are a few days old. I haven't been taking many pics as I wait for the new the door watching every type of Postal delivery vehicle go by wishing they would stop. And today one camera though, instead it was a Victoria's Secret package...and there was one in the mail box too. My husband is soooooo awesome, he totally knows a way to a girls heart! (Well if shoes came too, ahhh, piercing the heart!) This haul brought 2 more bikini's, lingerie, three shirts and a dress. Sigh, I just love him!!!! camera. Then today I got an e-mail, it hasn't even shipped yet, soon though.
So here are a few filler pics till then.
My little monkeys love to help me in the kitchen, can you tell? Ethan is now pulling himself up on anything he can...all the time and getting into things. His poor little legs are so wobbly and scrawny though so I am sure walking is a ways off.

Kaitlyn, who watches me like a hawk and mimics me like a mime....funny how they do that, decided to empty the trash for me. Ya, and we had to be somewhere and they weren't even dressed yet. Always happens on those days.

Friday was shots day for Ethan. I hate shots day, probably worse than either kid so Dave has to go with me to the clinic and hold the poor screaming child through the whole ordeal. He is so brave!

So here are the stats...they are still small for their ages. Kaitlyn is 24 lbs and in the 25th percentile and Ethan is 20 lbs and in the 18th percentile...must be his chicken legs, cause he has a belly....and a head!

This guy has the weirdest fascination with brooms. It is the first thing he goes after every time he comes into the kitchen and then he just sits there and sweeps and sweeps and sweeps, maybe he is trying to give me a hint or something.


Decorum Interiors said...

Wow, Kaitlyn and Evette are the same size!

The Chatty Housewife- said...

Oh wow. Today is the first day that I could see your banner and I LOVE IT!! You did an awesome job!

familymclean said...

Thank you Chatty!!
I cannot figure out why you couldn't see it though.
I created it in photoshop and then uploaded by clicking on 'edit header' and then selected the button 'select image instead of description'. It then pops up for me to preview and I click 'save'. To have it fit properly I made it 800x200 pixels. I hope it fits your screen too.

HotRodHanna said...

Cute pictures of the kids!! And love the new banner too, btw.

BeachMama said...

Your kids are just so cute! I love the photo with Kaitlyn on the counter, you are so brave.

My youngest Sister had wobbly chicken legs and walked way early (7 months) she wanted to keep up with the rest of us. In no time at all her legs were super strong and she has no lasting affects :).