Sunday, August 28, 2005

13 Days Old!

Well it has been another week and all is well. Kaitlyn is now 13 days old and she is just priceless. It is now Sunday and Anna's mother has gone back to Regina with Philip and Emily. Thank you for comming down and helping, we truly appreciate it. A couple days ago Kaitlyn's cord fell off. Her belly button was smelly and infected. Anna went to the Med centre and got some ointment and now all is good. She such a beautiful little girl. She is feeding regularly now, by that i mean every 2 hours. I am getting sleep during the week, mainly because I could sleep through a nuclear bomb as well as the fact that I work during, and Anna has decided that she will let me sleep, which is very nice of her. Next Saturday is my birthday and my mom and stepfather, and my grandma are coming to visit, the baby of course. As well as Anna's oldest sister Katie is visiting this week, she will be arriving on tuesday and going home on Saturday.

Anna is healthy and good, she has been cathing up on her rest this weekend, and of course baby Kaitlyn is Fantabulous. Check here if you want to see some more pictures._KAITLYN_

Tuesday Aug 23 was mine and Anna's 2nd anniversary and we went out for supper to Rick's grill, using our left over gift certificates from last year. We took Kaitlyn with us and she slept the whole time. The 2nd anniversary is cotton, and I decided to just get Anna a card as she had bought 3 new shirts on the weekend. However she made me shirt. She bought a shirt from the mall and with paint put her hand print and Kaitlyn's footprint. It is sooo special and sweet. You can see it some of the pictures we have posted.

Well i must go know, we are going for a walk, but I will post soon I promise, it is alot more quiet around here.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Welcome Home Kaitlyn!

Well this is a little late, but on August 16, we brought little Kaitlyn home. She is so beautiful and precious. Everything has gone well over the first 5 days and we are just now getting back to a normal schedule. The baby has been sleeping for alot the last 2 days, but that is due to a combination of Anna's milk coming in and a slight case of Jaundice. All is good as it appears her Jaundice is going away. Did I mention how cute she is. We love her so much and we are so grateful to everyone that has helped us. The only way I can think to repay you is to give you more pictures, so why don't you go HERE , for more. Anna's mother has been down since thursday with Emily and Phillip, her 2 youngest, to help out. Again thank you everyone! I will try to update this more often, so please stay tuned.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Arrival of: Kaitlyn Taylor McLean

**This was edited as we changed the name of the baby!**
The baby is here! At 2:00 am on Aug 15 Anna's water broke. We then arrived at the hospital @ 3:20 am. Anna was in labour immediately, however her contractions were still about 5 - 10 min apart. During the course of the morning, her contractions got harder and harder, especially on her lower back, as the baby was facing her back and of course was puting all sorts of pressure on her spin and pelvis. @ 12:30 pm on Aug 15, we made the decision to have the epidural + to then be induced as she was still only 3 cm dilated and her contractions were still about 4 min apart. She was fully dilated by 3:24 pm and then we started the pushing. At 4:34 Anna gave birth to happy and healthy baby girl. Kaitlyn Taylor Mclean was 7 lbs 4 oz and 21 inches long. It is a good thing she was early, otherwise she may have been a 10 lb baby. This is a just a quick note but here are some of baby Kaitlyn's first pictures.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Baby Room Done but no Baby..yet.

Well it is now 36 weeks and we have finished the baby room. Still no baby, but at least if it is born now, we do not have to go to Edmonton. Not much news to give. Anna + the baby are healthy and fine. She is done work now and is just waiting. We are working on putting a fish tank in the babies room, that we got as a gift from Anna's friend Dana. One friday Anna went to a garage sale and bought a Swing + Exersaucer. Here are some pictures of the baby room, finished and furnished, except the fish tank. And don't worry as soon as anything happens, I will let you guys know.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Baby Update!

Well, another weekend and still no baby. We are quite happy however as it has given us time to finish the baby room. Also if Anna can hold on until at least August 12, then we can have the baby @ the Sturgeon General, which is alot better than going into the city. As I said before we have finished painting the Baby room. We are going to tuch up the trim on monday. Anna's boss's wife Ann, helped us out alot with the painting, and we a truly grateful. Thank you Ann. Tonight we will probably put the baseboards back on, but we need to clean the carpets before the furniture can be moved in. Well here is how the walls look, it really matches the bedding really well, however if it is a boy, I know I will be painting it again, so here's hoping that it is a girl. Actually it really doesn't matter as long as it is healthy.

Pictures of Anna, Dave and the!

A couple of weeks ago Anna and I had some pictures taken of us. Anna's friend Dana took them for us with her camera. Here is a little sample, however if you want to see more then please click HERE.

Monday, August 01, 2005

The Baby will be arriving soon!

Well we spent Friday night in the hospital, July 29, so that they could monitor Anna. Apparently she was having contractions and her Cervix has thinned out to only 2 cm, should be about 4 cm this early in the game. We went back home Saturday morning, as everything slowed down and there was no change to her Cervix. She is on bed rest and is not allowed to do much of anything. I was kind've thinking that the baby was going to be born this weekend, but it is better that it isn't as the room is not ready. Also if the baby is born this early then it will have to stay in an incubator for one week as Anna is only 35 weeks along. On Monday Aug 1, which is a holiday, we went and got our play pen as well as our bedding for the crib came in from Calgary. I started painting the baby room....I really do hope it is a girl.

Here is the room in progress, it is hard to see but it is like a lilac purple, and will have green stripes.

Here is a picture of what
the bedding looks like, it will really match the walls.