Monday, August 01, 2005

The Baby will be arriving soon!

Well we spent Friday night in the hospital, July 29, so that they could monitor Anna. Apparently she was having contractions and her Cervix has thinned out to only 2 cm, should be about 4 cm this early in the game. We went back home Saturday morning, as everything slowed down and there was no change to her Cervix. She is on bed rest and is not allowed to do much of anything. I was kind've thinking that the baby was going to be born this weekend, but it is better that it isn't as the room is not ready. Also if the baby is born this early then it will have to stay in an incubator for one week as Anna is only 35 weeks along. On Monday Aug 1, which is a holiday, we went and got our play pen as well as our bedding for the crib came in from Calgary. I started painting the baby room....I really do hope it is a girl.

Here is the room in progress, it is hard to see but it is like a lilac purple, and will have green stripes.

Here is a picture of what
the bedding looks like, it will really match the walls.

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Anonymous said...

Those are all very nice, the babies room, the babies blankents... i guess uncles werent very important eh my big brother in law?