Sunday, August 07, 2005

Baby Update!

Well, another weekend and still no baby. We are quite happy however as it has given us time to finish the baby room. Also if Anna can hold on until at least August 12, then we can have the baby @ the Sturgeon General, which is alot better than going into the city. As I said before we have finished painting the Baby room. We are going to tuch up the trim on monday. Anna's boss's wife Ann, helped us out alot with the painting, and we a truly grateful. Thank you Ann. Tonight we will probably put the baseboards back on, but we need to clean the carpets before the furniture can be moved in. Well here is how the walls look, it really matches the bedding really well, however if it is a boy, I know I will be painting it again, so here's hoping that it is a girl. Actually it really doesn't matter as long as it is healthy.

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