Thursday, June 28, 2007


I don't know what is up with my e-mail, but I have been getting errors every once in a while and last night I got another one and it said that I lost a few e-mails, so if any of you e-mailed me recently and I haven't replied, don't take it personally, I probably just never got it. So if you can send it again that would be great.

Argh, frustrating!!!

House moving day

The big day we have been waiting months for finally came. Big house moving day, and it was quite the production! They spent the whole day getting it on the truck then out into the street and turned around. The crew had set up signs for people to move their cars so the streets would be clear, and then they planned on driving out at two in the morning. Dave and I stayed up till 1:30 am to see if they would move out sooner, but gave up and went to bed. At three I was up with Ethan and peeked out the window expecting it to be gone ,but it was still there, stuck between two trees.
At 5 same thing and then finally at 6:30 when I was up with Kaitlyn I got to watch then drive it down the street accompanied by a fleet of power, cable and phone cherry pickers to raise the wires as they went.
Turns out that the house was so wide they had to call the city to come out and cut some trees on both sides of the street to let it pass, and of course city workers aren't the most prompt or energetic people and took 3 hours to show up. So even though they had tried to avoid all traffic and move in the middle of the night they ended up with morning rush hour once they hit the main streets. Sure was fun to watch!

Now there is a huge empty double lot across the street and the rumor is that they guy who owns it is going to build a contemporary concrete palace of sorts....should be interesting, will keep you posted once that gets under way.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hot summer days and a flood.

I have been slacking...I know. It's just that it is now summer and it is way more fun to be outside and doing fun things, visiting family, going for roller blades, having tailgate parties and eating ice cream than sitting down to a computer. (like watching K water the flowers in her winter coat in 23 degree heat, nuts!) I used to go on and check it (mail) every few hours and now, just once in the evening after all the fun has gone to bed.

I have been working my butt off trying to get organized, all the closets and drawers, the out of sight places. To some these spaces do not matter and having the house look clean from a glance is what matters. But, for me I go crazy knowing that it is really a lie and the closets are hiding a deep dark secret. Now that they are neat, aahhh, I can take a breath. But of course this all means that the regular chores have been neglected so I have to play catch up in all the visible spaces. I have also finally gotten to the basement, something that hadn't really happened since we moved in.

Not that I meant to all started with wanting to clean the upstairs bathroom. I wanted a bigger basket to store the bath toys and went on a hunt in the basement. After looking everywhere I remembered that Dave had stuck some stuff in the furnace room...somewhere I have ventured maybe 3 times in the last 7 months. When I went in I noticed water all over the floor, soaked boxes and water leaking under the wall into the office and soaking the floor out there. I could hear a hissing noise and found a hose that had a hole melted in it from being too close to the hot water cooper pipe and it was spraying all over the hot water heater, the floor, and a vent. I think God sent me on that crazy mission this morning, seriously what are the odds?
Needless to say I ended up cleaning the basement today and getting things put away that have been lying around for months. The bathroom still needs cleaning though. I feels really good to get this stuff done....I feel lighter!

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Big news! We got a pool......just a little kiddy turtle pool. Sweetpea just loves it, up and down the slide, playing boat and splashing, she has sure turned into a little girl!
Sprout's cough was worse yesterday and sounded as though it had moved int his chest so went for a visit with the doctor. Turns out he has bronchitis and is now all hopped up on meds. I sure hope he's on the mend now, we are all sick of being sick!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Another scorcher.

We have survived a few more hot summer days....I am loving central air! Still not much new here to report, rather lazy days.

Phil and Em have been over everyday, going for roller blades, hanging with the lil squirts so I can get work around the house done and playing in the yard. As much as I snap and get irritated by their little messes and whining for snacks and cries of "I'm bored" if we so much as slow down for a minute, I really do appreciate it when they are around. They are like an extra few pairs of eyes for me and it is such a help. Not only that they sure seem to have fun together and I think it helps them all grow.

Emily had a little accident and scuffed her knee, she is so brave and didn't even make a peep, her eyes say it all though.

Today we roller bladed-well Em and Phil roller bladed, (I had to walk since Em was wearing my roller blades) over to Wascana park and followed the trail around in front of the ledg building and back home through the neighborhood. We were all red faced and sweaty but it was a good outing. Once glad to come home to air conditioning!

Ethan sure still seems to have his moments. He has developed a cough and it is pretty throaty so I hope it clears or we will be heading to the clinic. Poor guy never seems to catch a break, and his teeth are still giving him troubles.
This afternoon Emily and I took the kids to get weighed. Sweetpea is now 23 lbs and in the 25th percentile and Sprout is 19lbs and in the 20th percentile. He feels so much bigger than that but maybe its all in his head....I think their heads are the same sizes, I will have to measure in the morning.

Wrapping up the day with a bath. These two just love to bathe together and seem to play the best in the tub. Watching their little personalities unfold and grow is so amazing, I really am amazed daily by them, sigh, I just love them!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


It's Wednesday already?! This week is flying by! That's what happens when you're having fun right? Not much to report on the home front, lazy summer days for the most part with bits of drama thrown in here and there courteous of moi. I think I have 'moments' lately since I haven't painted in the last few weeks and I really seem to thrive on that creative release.
enough about me, like anyone cares anyway...this site is supposed to be about the kids.
Above is a pic of Sweetpea, sometimes I wonder about her, I fear she may have aspirations of being a bag lady someday, yikes, must redirect creative releases coming from my daughter. And little 'Eth-man' he is getting happier again, still on the mend though, I sure wish those other two uppers (one central and one lateral) would break through already, what a long drawn out sega!

We got out grocery shopping yesterday, the extent of our outings as of late, and had to go to Sobey's so Kaitlyn can "me...push, push."

We spend a lot of time out in the yard, picking cigarette butts (I know, yuck) and sticking them in flower pots, playing ball and walking the dolls. Kaitlyn found an ant hill (not hard since we have about two hundred of them) and decided to splay the dirt and ants all over the place, by hand, crazy child! Meanwhile, Sprout sits on his blanket and eats grass and dirt, living up to being a boy. And here is a pic of Em thrown in for good measure, she was over for the afternoon to roller blade and play with the kids. Now on with my day......same old.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Daddy's Day.

Daddy's day. We didn't do much! Ate lunch with my family at Gram and Grampas, it was really nice, yummy food, good company, no pics since I forgot the camera. I still took a bunch but they are on my dad's camera.
For supper I had marinated a roast in Daves favourite wine marinade (his moms recipe) and made mashed potatoes and beans on the side with a salad as a starter.
Beef and potatoes=happy daddy!

The days that mark his daddydom. (Kaitlyn above, Ethan below)
You are an awesome daddy and are always amazing me with your ways with the kids. I couldn't have imagined a better man for the job. I love you and look forward to many more daddy days with you. The day Kaitlyn was born, seeing her in your arms made me cry, so gentle and loving, I had to fight you off to get a minute with her. And when Ethan was born seeing your love grow instantaneously and envelop him as well....awesome!
You rock, I love you and am so proud of you!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Good-bye roots!

We all slept in this morning, not that we needed it though. Kaitlyn slept through the night for THE FIRST TIME EVER!!!!!!!!!! It was amazing! Ethan slept well too, I could hardly believe it. You would have thought we would be up bright and early and super chipper, however we hung out in bed till 10:30 lazing around together, it was awesome! We finally ate breakfast at 11:20 and since it was almost lunch I waited half an hour and ate lunch too. I feel like I have an empty leg or two, I could probably eat every hour if I didn't control myself, sigh, I love food!! I am so afraid of this catching up with me and seriously hope I am not so hungry once finished breast feeding!
After lunch we went for a quick walk over to the gallery for Bazaart-the annual art and craft show and sale which happens to be a fundraiser for something undisclosed, I am guessing the gallery? All the research I did turned up nothing, I was not impressed! Turns out it is $4 per person to get onto the grounds and basically all it was was a farmers market sans the veggies. We didn't have change and when asked if the gallery had a cash machine were told the closest was at the rehab center down the street. Great planning Gallery! I would kick you if it hurt! At the info counter there were many other people getting ushered in the direction of the rehab place, disgruntled, unimpressed people like us. Rather than go find the machine (minimum 30 mins out of our schedule) we skipped over a parking lot curb and did a quick 10 min pass through the place and headed back home. There were over 100 booths and I would say 75% were all pottery. We had a tight schedule for the afternoon so we didn't stick around----or I would have gone and gotten the 8 dollars admission. As it was I didn't feel bad at all since we just breezed through and carried on with our errands, definitely not worth the price of entrance!
Later in the afternoon D man dropped me off at the salon to get my hair done-finally!! I was about a month overdue, it seemed every time I called it just didn't work out time wise. So yaaaahhhhh, no more roots! And I got bangs, not sure of them just yet, we'll see once I have to do them myself, I asked for a change, so this is what I got!
Crossing my fingers for another good night!

A little light

This is a quick one...the day was pretty uneventful and smooth, naps on time, some chores done, fun in the yard and take out for dinner....probably helped that we were home too!
After supper my cousin Kerri came by and we took the kids for a walk. After wandering the neighborhood, hitting 711 and stopping by some relatives place we headed to Wascana were the Relay for life (click) was going on. We managed to track down some other cousins and snag a pic. They weren't all there since a few where out walking but we caught the group at the tent.
An awesome cause and I am sure the ceremony at dusk as the lights are lit is a powerful, moving and emotional one.

In Rememberance of those we have lost and miss.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Out and About

Thursday was a busy day, so busy I didn't feel like doing a post, sorry to those of you who have come to expect a post a day from me, I was beat and spent the evening sacked out on the couch snuggling with D man watching a movie, it was sooooo nice.

The kids and I had met up with a girlfriend and her babe at the mall down town for a morning of shopping. Kaitlyn had a gift card for Gap from Aunt Gail with $8 left on it from when she was born. I dug through the diaper bag and gave her the card. She tried on a few hats multiple pairs of shoes and a sweater. Of all the things she tried it was the ruby red shoes she just had to have, and she was in luck they came to a whopping $7 and change! Even though they were a little big she insisted on wearing them around for the rest of the day, showing everyone we came across her 'Dorothy shoes' by sticking out one little foot for all to see. They even clicked when she walked just like Mommy's shoes----so grown up!

After running errands for most of the afternoon we picked up Phil and Em and brought them home for a tea party----of course I had ulterior motives, they occupy the kids so I can get some work done. turns out I ended up as a waitress of sorts and was filling the tea pot and snack bowls most of the time. However I did manage to make supper, and a yummy one at that, and get the kitchen cleaned! I was feeling on top of the world, a day that was going smoothly even though Kaitlyn hadn't had a nap!
After supper we headed back downtown to exchange some flip flops I had picked up for the kids. Stupidly I had bought Kaitlyn and Ethan the same size, so they all fit Ethan. Sometimes I forget how quickly they grow!
My little sprout is feeling better and getting back to his normal chipper self, gnawing my coffee cup, everything is explored via the mouth with him.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Just swell

We got up bright and early today, always a good start! Before waking the kids I made scrambled eggs (our favourite morning food) I don't dare say breakfast since sometimes we don't get around to eating till 11:30. I wolfed mine down, got the kids up and dressed and Kaitlyn ate hers in the truck on the way to the leisure centre. We spent the rest of the morning swimming with Emily and Philip and hoarding the pools toys. Ethan who is still not feeling very well sat with my mom watching from the sidelines, I am sure just aching to join us.

After joining my mom and the kids for lunch we headed home for naps. So far our day had gone smoothly so my hopes were rising for a good afternoon. I need to stop doing that and take everything in stride! Kaitlyn was just about down for her nap when Ethan cried and she was up. Chapters then called so we headed out to pick up the tea set I had ordered from their web site. I should have left once I got it but decided to take a look at kids books.....stupid idea.....hello.....they haven't had their naps.....I try not to think, thinking it will spare me, but then I under think and end up whacking myself upside the head and trying to kick my own butt because the kids are overtired and throwing massive screaming kicking arm flailing tantrums in a quiet bookstore. AAAggghhh!!!!! It was a huge disaster, all these quiet book readers staring me down. For the first time I did NOT feel that warm blushy glow rise through my cheeks. But just grabbed the screaming child in one arm, the cranky child, the huge Dora and the bag of book store goodies in the other, look those people back in the eye and say "we won't skip naps next time" and drag them out of the store. Of course once out Kaitlyn is smiley and wants to help me carry the bag. Fine.
Back home I tried to get them down for naps but they kept each other going and we had a miserable afternoon. Lots of snot and tears. But at 4:30 they went down, both of them from exhaustion, I was so thrilled! A little me time and I was good to go, back on track!

Our evening was lazy, I hadn't made anything for super (seriously people I am not superwoman) so Dave took us out for sushi, mmmmm. We then went to see a swanky new house with Brett, just for fun......not tempted, really.
Every house we see helps me decide more what I want in my head. The last few days Dave and I have been talking about buying some land, then we can build what we want and hopefully have a view. I would love to have a studio with a wall of windows overlooking the lake or valley, inspirational!

Kaitlyn mastering her chop sticks, and Ethan flailing madly trying to get sticky rice off his hands.

Floss those little pearly whites. She loves the taste of the floss and wanted to take it to bed with her. Silly little monkey!