Thursday, June 21, 2007

Another scorcher.

We have survived a few more hot summer days....I am loving central air! Still not much new here to report, rather lazy days.

Phil and Em have been over everyday, going for roller blades, hanging with the lil squirts so I can get work around the house done and playing in the yard. As much as I snap and get irritated by their little messes and whining for snacks and cries of "I'm bored" if we so much as slow down for a minute, I really do appreciate it when they are around. They are like an extra few pairs of eyes for me and it is such a help. Not only that they sure seem to have fun together and I think it helps them all grow.

Emily had a little accident and scuffed her knee, she is so brave and didn't even make a peep, her eyes say it all though.

Today we roller bladed-well Em and Phil roller bladed, (I had to walk since Em was wearing my roller blades) over to Wascana park and followed the trail around in front of the ledg building and back home through the neighborhood. We were all red faced and sweaty but it was a good outing. Once glad to come home to air conditioning!

Ethan sure still seems to have his moments. He has developed a cough and it is pretty throaty so I hope it clears or we will be heading to the clinic. Poor guy never seems to catch a break, and his teeth are still giving him troubles.
This afternoon Emily and I took the kids to get weighed. Sweetpea is now 23 lbs and in the 25th percentile and Sprout is 19lbs and in the 20th percentile. He feels so much bigger than that but maybe its all in his head....I think their heads are the same sizes, I will have to measure in the morning.

Wrapping up the day with a bath. These two just love to bathe together and seem to play the best in the tub. Watching their little personalities unfold and grow is so amazing, I really am amazed daily by them, sigh, I just love them!!!

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