Thursday, June 07, 2007

A super cranky day

I will start with a quick pic from yesterday then really get into it.... I got new 'hot shoes' for the summer, with hopes of finding excuses to go out for 'pretty coffee' or at least looking good for the D man when out for dinner some time. ( hint,hint to any aunties who would like to babysit) Sweetpea loves them and wears them around the house, ya...she can actually walk in them, crazy little chick!
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OK, so today has been misery for me. Whether it is my nerves, emotions or maybe I am just over tired and stressed out. I try to stay up beat and happy but some days....aaaagghhh! This was one of them. I thought it would be different Ethan slept in his bed most of the night, joining us around 4am and Kaitlyn in hers the whole night, not joining us till 7am. I am so used to having one of them with us it felt odd to have the bed to ourselves. I kept waking up and checking Kaitlyn's monitor and peeking in on Ethan, I was restless, my mind wandering, worrying, mostly about stupid mindless stuff like if I was to wallpaper the laundry room and ran out of paper where would I have to start it so it would run out somewhere hidden, you know how rational a half asleep brain is at 2am. I was only up with them to feed twice throught the night, you would think I would be a ball of happy energy today.
I had planned on being up early and accomplishing a lot today, once again I should have known better. I need to roll with the punches and not plan ahead, it is like planning a picnic and inviting a thunder shower. Things never work out when I plan ahead and I just end up sad because my plans go to smack! After breakfast (at 10:15) we went to Chapters to get this cute porcelain tea set, gender neutral and plain. (the one we have is plastic and the pot now leaks out all around the base, most likely due to bath tea parties every other day) It wasn't in stock so it is now on order, hopefully arriving some time in the next two weeks. I stoped at the Starbucks and got a decaf------huge mistake, if I could only have seen the day ahead I would have know I would need the caffeine! The kids were both miserable with colds, whiny and fussy but I decided we could run over to Wal-Mart and just see if they had any tea sets in stock. They didn't but we found a cute monkey instead and then I was hungry. Kaitlyn was super fussy and Ethan well on his way. I should have gone straight home, but instead stopped in at McDonald's, thinking it would cheer us all up. I got fries and a cheeseburger to share, held a miserable Ethan and started to eat while trying to keep Kaitlyn on her chair. In the process I dropped half the burger on the floor meat side down, ugh! By this time I was so cranky I thought I would cry so I picked it up, whipped it off and ate it anyway. Something I wouldn't even think of doing in my sane mind. Once home it was nap time, thank goodness, the house was a dive and I needed time to myself to catch my breath and chill. Ethan went down for his nap crying the whole time cuz he couldn't breath. After getting nasal spray he calmed down and went to sleep, ahhh down one, one to go. Kaitlyn had been walking around crying the whole time so a dragged her off to her bed, layed down with her and nursed her to sleep. Just as I was sitting up Ethan started to cry waking Kaitlyn and setting her off. I went and got Ethan and brought him into Kaitlyn's room, set him on the floor with some toys and went back to trying to nurse Kaitlyn to sleep again. She was just about to sleep when Ethan fell over on his toys and started to wail again. That was it, nap time was over. On to the tea party in a filthy house. (click here for the pics)This went so-so since both kids were whiny and fussy still but at least it was something to do for a few minutes. Thank goodness Dave came home early and Prettyinpink stopped by because I was so loosing it in my mind. They were the break I needed so I could sweep the floors and get supper started since my mom, Phil and Em were coming over to eat. Seeing them was a welcome break as well, maybe I should say distraction for Kaitlyn, I was happy for a few minutes anyway. We did some running around in the evening another welcome distraction, since I was still feeling quite edgy and were home by 7:30. Kaitlyn was crying again and wanted to go to bed, I was relieved! 7:45 and she was asleep, aahhh, now for Ethan, then maybe D and I can watch a movie and relax. Ethan went down without a fuss, and next thing you know....Kaitlyn is back up because she is coughing and can't breath. I try to feed her medicine which she spews out and proceeds to cry her little lungs out. Back out to the living room so as not to wake Ethan. To late, he is crying too. Back up fully energized to whine and fuss for a few more hours. It is now almost 11:30 and I finally just got Ethan back down. Kaitlyn is on Dave's lap and just finished watching the six hundredth episode of Dora today. I am tired and still cranky. I have been snappy all day and know I need to get a grip on myself. I hate it when the kids are sick!


beck said...

Ha. Yeah. Rule number one of being a mom: DON'T. PLAN. ANYTHING. Plans are not read and adhered to by children.
Glad today is over! You made it!

familymclean said...

Barely, and Amen sista!!

prettyinpink said...

Ok, after reading all that I WANT to need a break!!!
Let me know when you want to go out!

Erlandson Family said...

if i were closer i'd come and help... sorry about the no good, rotten day... :( hope today is better.

Anonymous said...

Honey, I wish I was closer to help you. Remember tomorrow will be better. If you need a break, call someone! Love you lots. Aunty Kathy

The Chatty Housewife- said...

(((hugs))) although I am glad those hugs are from a distance, because I sure wouldn't want to catch whatever your kidlets have. It's summer! You CAN"T be sick in the summer.

I hope they get over it quickly!!