Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Flower batch # 2

Kaitlyn now has a back pack...just like Dora. And is going through the faze where she collects and hordes little trinkets. Gum wrappers, rocks, barbies, barbie phones, leaves, dandelion heads...whatever little thing she can pack into a purse or back pack. That is not enough though and she has to carry a doll and blanket or juice as well. Arms full just like mom. Above is also a pic of my herb planter, finally! They look a little droopy and sad since Kaitlyn kept carrying them around by their leaves but I am sure they will bounce back. I love having fresh herbs!

The flowers that were in my planter out front, the ones that Kaitlyn squashed didn't survive very well and I had to transfer the stragglers to a smaller pot. Behind Kaitlyn in the second photo is the second batch of flowers, wish them luck!

A spill in action! Some times she forgets that she doesn't always have her sippy cup. And little Ethan, he is so cranky these days. He is still cutting those four uppers and has now got a cold. Our nights have not been fun! Kaitlyn is still adamant that she sleeps in her own bed, I miss having her in ours, but at least she joins us early in the morning for a few hours for some cuddles. Ethan is in our bed every night now and I love having him there, though I do like it when he starts off in his crib, gives us (the D man and I) some cuddle time of our own.


Dustanne said...

you take such awesome photos

good luck little plants. I never let the kids touch the plants....lol well they have actually planted some on their own. Actually they did a good job....lol
love the herb pot!!!

Anonymous said...

A lady can't have a purse too small. You never know what you have to carry.

Hope your plants do better than mine. I planted 4 pots - turned out wonderful. We had a terrible storm on Tuesday and I lost 2 pots!
AGHHH, I will have to start over

Anonymous said...


Sorry, It was Aunty Kathy for the last comment.

Too busy to remember to do everything!

Love you lots
Aunty Kathy

familymclean said...

Aunty Kathy, wasn't it like a tornado or something?
Miss and love you too!!!

Anonymous said...


We had a small tornado. It didn't do much damage. No one was hurt. I had a little water in the basement from the window. Sara landed in a flash flood and just about lost her car. Lucky for her she was able to stop before she landed to far into it. Dennis was able to fix the car. We are fine.

Grandma Ross and I are heading for Montana next week. I will talk to you when I get back.

Call me sometime.

Love Aunty Kathy