Saturday, June 16, 2007

A little light

This is a quick one...the day was pretty uneventful and smooth, naps on time, some chores done, fun in the yard and take out for dinner....probably helped that we were home too!
After supper my cousin Kerri came by and we took the kids for a walk. After wandering the neighborhood, hitting 711 and stopping by some relatives place we headed to Wascana were the Relay for life (click) was going on. We managed to track down some other cousins and snag a pic. They weren't all there since a few where out walking but we caught the group at the tent.
An awesome cause and I am sure the ceremony at dusk as the lights are lit is a powerful, moving and emotional one.

In Rememberance of those we have lost and miss.


nicole said...

so fun to see my cousins on your blog...Shawn & Darcy

Ryan said...

Who is Ethans barber?