Wednesday, June 20, 2007


It's Wednesday already?! This week is flying by! That's what happens when you're having fun right? Not much to report on the home front, lazy summer days for the most part with bits of drama thrown in here and there courteous of moi. I think I have 'moments' lately since I haven't painted in the last few weeks and I really seem to thrive on that creative release.
enough about me, like anyone cares anyway...this site is supposed to be about the kids.
Above is a pic of Sweetpea, sometimes I wonder about her, I fear she may have aspirations of being a bag lady someday, yikes, must redirect creative releases coming from my daughter. And little 'Eth-man' he is getting happier again, still on the mend though, I sure wish those other two uppers (one central and one lateral) would break through already, what a long drawn out sega!

We got out grocery shopping yesterday, the extent of our outings as of late, and had to go to Sobey's so Kaitlyn can "me...push, push."

We spend a lot of time out in the yard, picking cigarette butts (I know, yuck) and sticking them in flower pots, playing ball and walking the dolls. Kaitlyn found an ant hill (not hard since we have about two hundred of them) and decided to splay the dirt and ants all over the place, by hand, crazy child! Meanwhile, Sprout sits on his blanket and eats grass and dirt, living up to being a boy. And here is a pic of Em thrown in for good measure, she was over for the afternoon to roller blade and play with the kids. Now on with my day......same old.

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