Monday, June 11, 2007

We time.

This weekend flew by. The kids are still sick and last night was the most miserable yet. I think I maybe got 2 hrs sleep and they didn't come till after 5:30 this morning. I am shaky tired today and have called for reinforcements, due now to arrive in an hour. I am so not getting anything done today! My head is in a fog!!! At least I am not snappy, I am remembering that these sweet little miracles have no reason to be snapped at and I need to have all the patience and keep giving and being cheerful for their sakes.....and weirdly enough the cheerfulness that I am acting is rubbing off on my dreary soul. Ahh, and i haven't even made coffee yet!

Anyway....The weekend was really nice. Dave took the kids for a walk to the park and fed the geese, Kaitlyn had one eating right from her hand. He stumbled across a bike fair and we later went back for hot dogs in support of the food bank. While he was out with the kids it gave me time to get by brain back in shape and get the house cleaned. What an amazing feeling, when the house is clean I feel like my brain is in order and I am not as snappy, must be a release of sorts.

Ethan does all the driving at Safeway because.....Kaitlyn loves to be on the phone and it goes something like this...", yaa...bye."

Sunday afternoon my parents had all the cousins over for pizza (thank you Great G&G-in the pic above- for that). Here are a few of the pics of said parties....and us of course, since this blog is really about us.(wink)

Greg & Steph and Ben & Lisa...........soooooooo in love!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday afternoon we worked in the yard and got bombarded with caterpillars, they were everywhere!

And lastly, here is Kaitlyn with a blue play dough face. She was smelling the 'flower' Dave made for her and decided to lick it too. Thank goodness it is non toxic.


BeachMama said...

Looks like you guys had some good weather last weekend too. We did more stuff around the house, getting the pool ready for the summer and playing outside.

Hope your reinforcements came and you got some rest.

beck said...

those are some sexy -hot shoes you've got there, mama!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna!
Man, those are cute kids. Are you sure Dave is the father?? Ethan sure looks like him, so I guess so. Send me an e-mail, I've lost your address.
Life goes on at the lab without you. Anytime you want to come back...