Monday, June 04, 2007

So tired

My darling children.
I was so excited to have the night with the D man alone. We snuggled and fell asleep both spread out taking up the whole bed. It was great...for about 15 minutes. Then it was one kid after the other waking up. Between 9:30 last night and 8 this morning Ethan woke up 7 times and Kaitlyn 6. I hauled E into bed with us at 2:20am and Dave got Kaitlyn at around 6 am. I am chugging coffee this minute, waiting for the reinforcements to arrive in 15 mins (Phil and Em) so I can get some work done. (this is my quick coffee break)
In other news, the weekend was fine. Kaitlyn helped me plant a few flowers, and pick them and squash them. The pictures are all on flickr at the bottom of the previous post.


prettyinpink said...

Until 2:20 in their own beds...that's a step!

Dustanne said...

wow what a night you must have had....Still here at the ages of 6 and 5, I still get the bed
Babes are the picture

nicole said...

Good luck with their own beds! I have had many good intentions over the years..Judah was forced into his own bed when Delsie arrived but Delsie still tries to climb in once in awhile...she didn't sleep in her own bed until last Dec...well over the age of 3. I have a hard time resisting...a) i am too tired to take her back to bed and b) i am too lazy to turn on the light and sign to her...she can't hear without her Cochlear Implant processor which she takes off during the night. Be tough if you really want your own bed...but they are babies...and cute as buttons at that!