Thursday, June 28, 2007

House moving day

The big day we have been waiting months for finally came. Big house moving day, and it was quite the production! They spent the whole day getting it on the truck then out into the street and turned around. The crew had set up signs for people to move their cars so the streets would be clear, and then they planned on driving out at two in the morning. Dave and I stayed up till 1:30 am to see if they would move out sooner, but gave up and went to bed. At three I was up with Ethan and peeked out the window expecting it to be gone ,but it was still there, stuck between two trees.
At 5 same thing and then finally at 6:30 when I was up with Kaitlyn I got to watch then drive it down the street accompanied by a fleet of power, cable and phone cherry pickers to raise the wires as they went.
Turns out that the house was so wide they had to call the city to come out and cut some trees on both sides of the street to let it pass, and of course city workers aren't the most prompt or energetic people and took 3 hours to show up. So even though they had tried to avoid all traffic and move in the middle of the night they ended up with morning rush hour once they hit the main streets. Sure was fun to watch!

Now there is a huge empty double lot across the street and the rumor is that they guy who owns it is going to build a contemporary concrete palace of sorts....should be interesting, will keep you posted once that gets under way.


BeachMama said...

My Sister was telling me that houses get moved a lot out there. It's kinda neat. Hope the new super palace is nice and matches the neighbourhood.

The Chatty Housewife- said...

I can't believe they went into so much work to move the house. That just seems so weird to me, since I am so close to Richmond and Surrey BC, where they are tearing down nice houses daily to make room for stacked side by side jammed in condos.