Saturday, March 31, 2007

Another day...

A verrrry cool evening walk. It seemed nice enough until we got out in the open in the park. We had gone with the intentions of feeding the geese. The geese weren't even around so we ran back home.

Playing hide and go seek. I couldn't find Em, then I double checked Kaitlyn's closet, she was on a shelf!
Precariously perched! She knows not to climb on the arms of the sofa and was choosing to ignore me, maybe thinking I wouldn't notice.
Hanging out!

Pluggin along...

Another cool walk. This time it was so cold we only made it past a few houses in the alley, it was just to windy!
Sharing hugs. Kaitlyn has become so attached to Emily she cries out for her in the middle of the night and has to find her as soon as she wakes up.
"Eth" loves his Nuby!
Curls! They are only there when her hair is wet.

The first few days...

On Monday mom flew out to Toronto to be with Nana and Gramps. Gramps is really unwell and won't be with us much longer. His long battle with small cell cancer is drawing to an end so she wanted to be there for them. Philip and Emily came to stay with us since dad and Danny's schedule's don't work well for them. They are home schooled so they spend their mornings plugged in. Kaitlyn does what they do, she thinks she does anyway.
Bath time has become quite the event, a little break for me and for them!
We try to get out for walks every day, even though it has been overcast we still get out for a few minutes.

Friday, March 30, 2007

I'm a big girl now!

Last Sunday we went for a walk down to the park. Kaitlyn was so excited about the puddles in front of our house it took 15 minutes to get past them. Once in front of the neighbours house we thought we were making progress when Kaitlyn fell on her tush, in a puddle. So we went home, changed and started over again. It ended up taking us longer to get going than it took for us to take our walk.
Hello out there.
This is that totem pole you could barely see through the trees a few posts back.
The ducks and geese are settling in. Anytime you step out our front door all you can hear is their squawking from the lake.
We went down to the ledg, and found the grounds to still be pretty muddy, it'll be better in a few months.

Me time

Well tonight rather than upload pics, which there are a ton of!!! I decided to draw, on Paint, with my right hand(I'm a lefty), and with the mouse. Why? A challenge I guess. It sure isn't anything to be proud of but I thought I'd share it anyway since it took 45 mins to create.
I will try to fill you all in on what has been going on around here on Friday. It has been a crazy week, Phil and Emily are staying with us for a few weeks. I am so busy, 4 kids is a handful, working out schedules, getting schoolwork done.....sigh, I'm going to bed.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

One miserable little dude!

So, little Mr. Happy-go-lucky hasn't been so happy lately. He cut his second tooth on Sunday and has been very fussy, wanting to be held all the time and not sleeping or eating well.
Such a sad face, he wouldn't even eat his mum mum's, poor lil man!
Finally sleeping, though it is in daddy's arms.
We went to the baby Expo on Sunday and found out about a bunch of neat little stores here in town. I am excited about a little baby and mommy boutique that I came across. She is one of the few I know who carries Rocky Mountain Soap supplies in this city. I won't have to bribe my Edmonton connections into sending it to me, yea! Though nobody here carries the full line,I will get what what I need. I got hooked on their products (thank you Rose:)) and now swear by their eczema line, it cleared both mine and Ethan's eczema up really well.
Ethan is learning young. I think I may have a future gamer on my hands. I 'think', who am I kidding, he is our son, he WILL be a gamer!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Sweetpea's first puddle!

Saturday was gorgeous out, it hit around 20C! So we spent at least an hour out playing in the puddles. At first Kaitlyn wasn't so sure about stepping in the water, but after a little encouragement she made her first splash.
And splashed, and splashed, and splashed....
And splashed...
She was soaked from the knees down, socks included, by the time we dragged her into the house.

A Loooong walk!

On Friday evening it was so beautiful out, so we decided to see how long it would take to walk over to my parents place.
Turned out to be a really nice walk except for this one wheel-chair ramp. Of all places, you would expect it to be cleared, you could never get up it in a chair! Oh, and it only took 42 minutes to get to mom and dads.
Ethan had his first pickle, and loved it! He now likes three foods, pickles, bananas and applesauce, what a combo!
Mom, Phil and Emily joined us for the walk home...
and Emily lucked out in the piggy-back department!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Where's the "Bueeez?"

While eating breakfast we could hear the "bueeez" (birdies) chirping away outside. Kaitlyn kept pointing and yelling "bueeez" so I finally put her up on the counter to see if she could find any.
We never did see the "bueeez" although they sounded close by. We did however see "tchakers" (tractors) across the street.
Hangin out, playing in Kaitlyn's room. Ethan is so happy go lucky during the day, I still wish our nights would get better again, sigh.
I was able to get pig-tails in Kaitlyn's hair for about three seconds, I convinced her that Emily would do it so she should too.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Seven sets of seven...I have been tagged twice!

So I thought I could sneak out of this one, I have always hated chain letters ( I was the last link for most of them)or anything that requires me to think too hard. However I read SAJ's tag and thought, nobody has to know I was here. I'll tip toe away quickly...I've never left her a comment and I really don't even know her...nobody would be wiser! Then I went to Chatty's blog, SAJ had gotten her to, and Chatty was passing the tag along as well...she knows I check in on her so here goes....

Seven things to do before I die:

1) Get to the bottom of the laundry pile, seriously it'll take a life time!
2) Get a great tan (sometimes I am so vain)
3) Travel the world. I want to see, taste, and experience all the cultures. Except if there is to much curry!
4)Organize my Tupperware drawer
5)Have my art in a big gallery
6)Catch up on my many scrapbooks
7)Own a boutique, I can't decide what kind, I have so many ideas

Seven things I cannot (or wont)do:

1)Leave my kids in a running vehicle
3)dive head first into water
4)bungee jump
5)go on Fear Factor
6)Watch a horror movie without closing my eyes for most of it
7)get my tongue pierced

Seven things that attract me to: (my kids)
1)Their laughter,
4)seeing little personalities evolve
5)special hugs
7)snuggles, oh I could go on and on...

Seven things I say:

1)Oh, come on...
3) Please, just go to sleep!
4)I need coffee
5)I've gotta get this place cleaned up
6)I can't decide
7)I don't know, what do you feel like

Seven good books:

1)Sacred Influence
2)the What to expect when you're expecting books
3)The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands
4)Occult Invasion
5)This Present Darkness
6)The Oath

Seven good movies:

1)Oceans Eleven
2)All the Bond Movies, I could have just listed 7 of them, but which 7...
3)Italian Job
4)The Fast and the Furious
5)2 Fast 2 Furious
6)Once upon a time in Mexico
7)Bourne series

Seven blogs to tag:

I am sorry to do this, but I find a certain amount of pleasure in this, I know I could have made it general but then you would all pretend you don't read my blog. so...

1)My mom
2)Brett, now you have no excuse and have to start your blog. By the time you get back from Chicago there'd better be one!
3)My bro Paul, You have to do this!!!
4)My lil sis Katie
5)My cousin Kim, I would love it if you had a blog! (Let this inspire you)
6)My sister in law Lori, you need a blog too, I want regular updates on my little, well, not so little anymore, nephews.
7)HotRodHanna, you'll love me for this one, I am sure SAJ got you too;)

Of course this is only if you choose, don't feel pressured! You really don't have to do this. If you don't feel like carrying it on don't worry about it!

Dare I say it...

Spring might finally be on the way. I have been putting off this post for fear that I would jink us again, but it has been melting again now for a few days. Last weekend (on the 17th) Philip and I built a new snow dude. Yesterday his head fell off and today all that is left of him is snow bones.

A couple houses down and across from us a crew has been working to move a house. They have been at it for about a month now and we watch their progress daily. The moment Kaitlyn hears one of the big trucks roar to life she runs to the window to see the "tchakers".
I think she will really miss them when they're gone!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Not Again!!!!!

Seriously, I didn't give her anything! We had just brought in the groceries and I was rushing to get supper started. In the meantime Kaitlyn got into the pantry and Ethan's baby food and decided to cook as well. This picture above is the surprise I got when I turned around after prepping all the veggies.
This time I decided to watch her for a few minutes, after all she wasn't hanging off my leg so why disturb her, and my momentary peace!
Well, I had to turn my back just to brown the meat and add the veggies. In that time she had added Oreo fudge cookies to the mix and was eating the baby cereal hand over fist!
Then I realized I was wearing the same yoga pants that I wore the last time this happened. I am not wearing those to cook again! They must be some sort of signal to Kaitlyn....Time to make a mess!