Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Soooo nice out!

It was such a beautiful day Kaitlyn didn't want to come inside after our walk. She just kept hanging out in the stroller enjoying the birdies ( "bueeees", according to Kaitlyn)singing.
I just love this little spring jacket. It used to be my cousin Kim's when she was little. (she is a couple years older than me) You would never know it's that old though, it's in awesome shape!

Katie joined us and tackled the slushy streets with the jogger. She managed to flood her shoes a few times,but the kids stayed dry so all in all I was happy. (maybe I was really just glad it happened to her not me, I am such a nice sister;))
I was also so happy to not have to wear a heavy winter coat for a change....I think spring really is on the way...Yippeee!!!


Anonymous said...

You Spoke WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY To Soon About Spring Being On The Way!!!


familymclean said...


familymclean said...

It's because I wore shoes for the first time today!

Anonymous said...

This MEC stroller is the most amazing stroller ever! If I ever have kids... I will defiantly invest in one... or maybe you will be done having kids and I have just have yours? You should get the NIKE-iPOD chip so you can track your daily walks with the kids.

Aunt K-