Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Not Again!!!!!

Seriously, I didn't give her anything! We had just brought in the groceries and I was rushing to get supper started. In the meantime Kaitlyn got into the pantry and Ethan's baby food and decided to cook as well. This picture above is the surprise I got when I turned around after prepping all the veggies.
This time I decided to watch her for a few minutes, after all she wasn't hanging off my leg so why disturb her, and my momentary peace!
Well, I had to turn my back just to brown the meat and add the veggies. In that time she had added Oreo fudge cookies to the mix and was eating the baby cereal hand over fist!
Then I realized I was wearing the same yoga pants that I wore the last time this happened. I am not wearing those to cook again! They must be some sort of signal to Kaitlyn....Time to make a mess!

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