Friday, March 30, 2007

I'm a big girl now!

Last Sunday we went for a walk down to the park. Kaitlyn was so excited about the puddles in front of our house it took 15 minutes to get past them. Once in front of the neighbours house we thought we were making progress when Kaitlyn fell on her tush, in a puddle. So we went home, changed and started over again. It ended up taking us longer to get going than it took for us to take our walk.
Hello out there.
This is that totem pole you could barely see through the trees a few posts back.
The ducks and geese are settling in. Anytime you step out our front door all you can hear is their squawking from the lake.
We went down to the ledg, and found the grounds to still be pretty muddy, it'll be better in a few months.

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