Sunday, March 04, 2007

And there were fish.

After shopping and having lunch at the mall I let Kaitlyn play on the rides outside of Safeway. She loved it of course and when we had to leave she took a fit, crying and fighting me as I hauled her off. I felt like a terrible mother, but I couldn't give in.
Dave got the fish tank up and running! Yaaa! Kaitlyn missed the "tsh" and was so excited to see some swimming around again.

In the mornings when we go into Kaitlyn's room to get her dressed we often sit and play in the sunshine. It's so warm and cheerful.
Kaitlyn wanted to go swimming with her Barbies, but was a little frustrated with the size. She often tries to sit on their chairs and sofas and they always give out under her weight. She doesn't seem to understand that she is just to big for Barbie stuff.

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