Thursday, March 29, 2007

One miserable little dude!

So, little Mr. Happy-go-lucky hasn't been so happy lately. He cut his second tooth on Sunday and has been very fussy, wanting to be held all the time and not sleeping or eating well.
Such a sad face, he wouldn't even eat his mum mum's, poor lil man!
Finally sleeping, though it is in daddy's arms.
We went to the baby Expo on Sunday and found out about a bunch of neat little stores here in town. I am excited about a little baby and mommy boutique that I came across. She is one of the few I know who carries Rocky Mountain Soap supplies in this city. I won't have to bribe my Edmonton connections into sending it to me, yea! Though nobody here carries the full line,I will get what what I need. I got hooked on their products (thank you Rose:)) and now swear by their eczema line, it cleared both mine and Ethan's eczema up really well.
Ethan is learning young. I think I may have a future gamer on my hands. I 'think', who am I kidding, he is our son, he WILL be a gamer!

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