Monday, March 19, 2007

First tooth!

So...My little man is getting so big! On Saturday the 17th he cut his first tooth!
I hope this means that our nights will be getting better. He used to sleep quite well at night (3-5 hour stretches) then all of a sudden he was waking almost hourly. Between him and Kaitlyn (who wakes every few hours) it makes for painfully long sleepless nights!
Ethan started off liking solids, the baby food kind. Then all of a sudden stared to spit everything out. He would watch us eat and seem to want whatever we had. So we have started to feed him just that. Here he has a bun and he loved it, he seems to be an independent eater and loves to feed himself!

Trying to eat and drink at the same time, such a boy!

A pretty new dress.
Kaitlyn loves to dress up and brought me this dress to put on her. She usually wants to wear a few outfits a day but she really loved this one and wore it the whole day.

White is pretty but feeding her meals was a nightmare!

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