Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Plugging along...

Well yesterday was picture day...at "Waldoo" and I had the best of intentions of only buying the $8.99 package...no getting sucked into a hundred dollar package, just the basic ... this time. When we got there they were having a special and the package was only $5.99, wow, I could spend under 10 bucks and prove to Dave that I can do something without breaking the bank. Then the kids were super cute for every pose and blew my grand intentions out of the water. Why do they have to be soooo cute when you want then to throw a fit and make fussy faces and when you want them to be cute there is no coaxing even a smirk?! I think they were in a conspiracy with the photo people to squeeze my wallet!! Soooo, I blew my little plan wide open and spent 62 bucks, still managed to stay away from the hundred dollar packages but only because they were all on sale! Tisk!!

Grandma A. came to town on business and we all know the business trips are just a sneaky way to see us more often. (wink) We sure can't complain though cause we love to see her too!!!

I used the visit as an excuse to wear my new dress again, since I am usually a frumpy mommy it feels good to put something nice on and go out! I tried to take a picture of myself.... not so good huh?! So Dave took one too, and Kaitlyn tried to steal my shoes so she could wear them.

But Grandma showed up with a pretty princess dress and Kaitlyn was soooo happy to go out in style. She also brought Ethan a little Nike body suit, so we all went out, dressed in completely miss matched clothes, Kaitlyn as a little ballerina, Ethan as a little jock, me as dressed up hot (well I wanted to be) moma, Dave in casual beach and Grandma in her casual evening wear. We must have been a sight to behold!!!
We went to Skara for supper. Thank you Grandma!! The food was great and they were so kind to remove the trout head for me! Dave had steak and Grandma the chicken. Appetizers were lemon chicken wings and pitas with three dips. We had a section to ourselves which was so great since it in not rushed dining and Kaitlyn got restless and ran around our little area, like a terrible little two year old, while Ethan was totally chill on Grandmas knee.

Later in the evening I tackled a few canvases and even though it took me till 1 in the morning I pulled off a finished product. I wanted to do these for our house but I would have to get the rest of it decorated to match so for now the duo is for sale and I am taking them down to Urban-1. They are also on the art blog now too.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

A shmoze of a post

My hobo girl, in 35 degree C heat! OK, so I seem to be setting a trend for myself. This summer pictures are not getting uploaded in a punctual way, so instead you are getting a bunch of random shots that cover the week, sorta. I take so many pics that I never know which ones to use, so here are a bunch from the last few days.

I could say a few things about this pic, but I'll let you think them instead. The next is of a few cards I made at Pretty in Pinks card party. We also made a stepping stone which I thought turned out kinda lame and will most likely paint and decorate it. Just stamped was pretty boring so I will save the pic of it for a before and after session.

Zonked out on Auntie, he actually fell asleep eating his snack. Dave went to the football game, good for Sask and so sad for Dave, his beloved Eskies pretty much burried themselves. Katie came to hang with me and we planned on going down to the lake to watch the wakeboarding competitions, but the heat was brutal so we lazed in the house instead.
And my latest painting, yipee....I am back at it!!! This one I gave to Katie for her bedroom. I considered keeping it but had no where to put it and thought about taking it down to the store but it will look sooooooo good in Katie's place!!! More to come so you can finally start checking back at the art blog for fresh ones. Oh, and I sold my first painting in the store today, the orange one named honeycomb, yaaa!

Hanging out in the house, keeping cool.

There was finally a break in the heat, the one evening we had planned outdoors! We had a BBQ in the park with some friends and it was so nice to be out and not be melting. And actually by the time we left the park I could have even worn a sweater! However by the following day the heat was back on and we were hanging in the house again.

"I'm on top of the world"

This is what happens when you give a 23 month old a popsicle and then forget you gave it to her and go check you r e-mail, I am sooooo loving the leather for its wipability!--is that even a word?
Playing kneebouncers together and screwing up my computer by pushing buttons not associated with their game. Whenever they are done everything is moved around and there is a mess for Dave to figure out. I think they need their own to mess around on ..... hmmmm.... b-days are coming up. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, anyone with an old clunker you don't want out there?

Another hot day and this is what Kaitlyn wore. She lasted a whole block and a half then stopped and couldn't get it off fast enough. "hot, hot , hooooot!!!"

Chilling at Pretty in Pinks and J house.


Oliver, enjoying the lazy dog days of summer!

Paul and Marita, getting excited and busy with wedding planing, not even a month to go till the big day.

Summer love!

Mommy got new hot shoes and once again Kaitlyn has worn them more than me, almost. I may have worn them for a longer period of time, but she beats me hands...er....feet down with the number of times worn.

Ben (my second cousin) and Susan's reception was tonight and since I invited myself and they obliged we got to go. Thanks again guys, it was a great night with slides of the both of them as kids, a game of charades to bring on the smooches and yummy turkey dinner. The highlight of the food though was a raspberry topped cheese cake which I must get the recipe for.

Newlywed and pretty dern happy!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

MS bike tour

My younger sister has gotten her butt in gear and is doing the MS bike tour. Me? no. Wish I could join her but I think my butt would never forgive me and neither would my kids or my boobs for that matter. Anyway she need support big time so go here and check out her blog and go here to sponsor her! She is going to do awesome so please everyone help her out! Thank you!

Monday, July 23, 2007

A few milestones.

Yaahh, my Lillie's are blooming!

Ethan is making a few milestones...finally! He is such a little man!

Not only shoes and purses, now it is sunglasses too! What next?

Have I mentioned that Dave BBQ's a mean tenderloin?

Ok, for those milestones....Ethan's hand eye coordination is really coming along really well and he can now put the balls in the dragon ( I think Kaitlyn was over a year when she could) and he loves to drink from a glass, though he usually throws it over the side of the high chair before it is empty. Still not quite crawling yet or standing on his own. (Kaitlyn was doing both around 10 months and he is almost 11 mos) I know different kids progress at different paces but I thought these milestones were going to be the other way around. Obviously don't get me to pick your lotto numbers!

Still loves puddles!
Oh and for other news, I got a night out, yipee! I wrote about it over on my ramblings site.

Friday, July 20, 2007

I am sooooooo hurting today!

This was how the yard looked two nights ago. Full of weeds, and just a plain mess!

Yesterday morning Dave went to work and Katie showed up at 7:30...AM! Ethan joined us right away, but we got a few hours work in before Kaitlyn woke up. We took a break to chow down on yummy-lishous hash brown casserole and dosed up on coffee and then it was back to work.

When I was digging I came across this weird bug. Kaitlyn kept touching it so its tail would spin and she would roll her wrists and say "around, around, around..." Then she accidentally squished it and it was full of yellowish guts........SO GROSS!!!!!
Does any one know what it was? It was just over an inch long. Chuck do you have any ideas? Marianne? Ryan? Ann? You guys are the only ones I know who play in dirt. It was about 5 inches down in the dirt...under the grass root.
Just about noon and we were almost done the front!
Tada!! It took us about 4 hours to get it done. And what a difference!

After lunch Katie had to run out for a bit so we took a break. I still had some work to do since there was a ton of rock left and I had to put it somewhere. Katie came back watched the kids for the afternoon and I moved rock. Put some under a tree, some in the back yard and some at the side of the house.
The kids were zonked and cranky both of them ended up falling asleep on the living room floor...at 5:30pm and slept through to 7:30. I was able to finish up outside and sit back and enjoy.

I knew I would be tired and sore today, but I feel like I was hit by truck!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and when Dave came home he loved it......poor guy didn't get supper though, something had to give. I'll make sure it's a good one tonight!
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