Sunday, July 15, 2007

If I could only read their minds...

If Ethan could talk it would go something like this..." Hey sister, you're crazy, it is summer you know....and 31 degrees C at that!"

Kaitlyn, "Hmmmmm, maybe it is a little warm."

Kaitlyn,"Oh, well, maybe the breeze from flying on my plane swing will cool me down."
Ethan, "Mom, she is soooooo nuts!"

Kaitlyn, "Too hot!"
Ethan, "Nice over here, I'm all good!"


HotRodHanna said...

It does make you wonder what they are thinking sometimes... Very cute pictures!

Anonymous said...

We are starting to wonder what she is going to wear in minus 31 degrees!
Love to you all, miss you.
The Grumpys

prettyinpink said...

Hey! If you can't find someone for next Weds. Maybe Phil or Em could come with the kids and they could hand out here...