Friday, July 06, 2007

Backyard-before and after.

What a mess the back yard was when we moved in (last November). It had been used as a huge litter box by two huge dogs and was a gross gravel mess. It became one of our first projects since we could never go back there with the kids. Here are the before pics.

And now for the after shots.
Now we love it! The grass has grown-still a little patchy, but it is coming in great and I even managed to get a few flowers in to pots and baskets, next year should be better. The kids are loving it! We spend most of the day out there swinging and going down the slide, rocking in the hammock or playing in the pool. We are pretty happy with how it is turning out!


Anonymous said...

hi there
you have no idea how proud i am of you and what you have accomplished. it takes special strength to move your family and make it happen! yes, you will always have challenges, but you can make it together. Plus you always will always have your family! We love you, thanks for the helps keep us close to you.
grandma anderson

HotRodHanna said...

It looks fantastic! Great job! I wish I had a backyard now.

The Chatty Housewife- said...

What a nice backyard! You guys did a great job. It looks so much better.

Anonymous said...

Back yard looks great, vast improvement unless you are into the gravel and dog crap look.

Anonymous said...

i liked it better before. i like poop. i like dirty poop from big dogs.